Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whining about *s and Thimbles

Three m*nths with*ut the letter *. It is driving me nuts. *n *ur trip t* Vanc*uver Island, my * was sticking s* I th*ught I w*uld pry it *ff my keyb*ard t* clean underneath it. Y*u kn*w when y*u get the gunky dust and stuff that accumulates in y*ur keys? So when I pried it *ff, I accidentally p*pped the wh*le key *ff and the spring-l*aded thing under it t**. N*w I have a little piece *metal and a sp*ngy rubber piece that I have t* push really really hard s* my right, ring finger (because I t**k typing in high sch**l and type the 'pr*per' way), hurts like hell whenever I have t* type the letter *.

T*night I spent *ver tw* h*urs hand-sewing a piece *f velcr*e *n t* Jake's vest because t*m*rr*w he has an Irish Feis (a dance c*mpetiti*n). His vest was missing s*mething t* h*ld it cl*sed. Can't have that! -Y*u have n* idea h*w seri*usly these c*mpetiti*ns take the dancers' appearance. Thank g**dness I have a b*y, y*u sh*uld see what the girls have t* g* thr*ugh.. wigs with ringlets, multi-th*usand d*llar dresses, etc. At least I *nly have dress pants, shirt, tie and vest t* w*rry ab*ut. S* anyways, I had t* sew this velcr*e piece by hand. I d*n't sew. In the first stitch, I stuck my thumb with the thread/eye-h*le end *f the needle. The blunt end! It frickin' hurt. I f*und a thimble and decided t* use that t* finish the j*b. I think the thimble cut *ff the circulati*n in my the tip *f my finger f*r that tw* h*urs because n*w it hurts like hell t**. 

S* n*w I have a s*re right hand- ring and middle finger. 

I came *nline t* type s*mething pr*f*und and interesting. But because I was bitching I have f*rg*tten what I wanted t* say. A waste *f a p*st just t* explain why there are little ******'s everywhere instead *f '*'s. 

'*'s beause I'm a whiner.


otin said...

Women are never happy without the Big "O" LMAO! (Are we talking about the same thing?) hehehe!

blueviolet said...

omg, Otin made me TOTALLY forget what I was going to say! LOL

Stacey said...

Leave it to a man to make that comment.

Cracked me up!

Twisted Cinderella said...

LOL, its okay if I giggle a little at your post filled with little *'s right?

Anonymous said...

A couple weeks ago my dog broke my M key. It was so annoying until I got it fixed!

Forgot to say great pics in the post above!

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