Thursday, October 08, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

I have a new friend. He doesn't know it yet. But his name is Otin and after only one day of 'knowing' him, I can already tell that we're going to be besties. It's kind of refreshing to have found a blog that so entertains me, that isn't just about parenting, or autism, but just about life and creativity and stuff. Just stuff. He's a really fun writer and it's not contrived, or at least it doesn't seem to be, in an effort to get readers.

Otin hosts this Friday game where we're asked to just take a moment to talk about what makes us happy. I think it times in nicely with our Canadian Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be grateful for so here goes:

I'm happy I found Otin's blog: The Wizard of Otin. This makes me happy.
My absolutely most rewarding moment of the week was when Owen, his therapists and I went to get his haircut. Not only did he wear the cape. He stayed in the chair for 20 minutes. He let them spray water on his hair. They CUT his hair. They BUZZED HIS HAIR WITH CLIPPERS. Then he laughed and didn't want to leave! This is the kid who used to shake at the entry of the salon and wouldn't take a single step inside. If dragged in, he'd sit in a turtle position and cry and lash out, with his hands over his head. Three years of trial run visits with no hair cuts. Three years of 'desentization programs' at home to get him used to a brush, to a pair of scissors, before they had even touched his head. It all came to this. Six years and we've finally had a successful haircut!!! *I suppose I should have taken a picture to make this announcement more dramatic, but I forgot (story of my life)*
My super-hero husband caught the mouse that was partying under our bed the other night. I had a night of terror listening to that little rat scurrying, gnawing, scratching and twittering right under my head. I was so happy to hear the SNAP of the trap when we got the little bugger.
It's blizzarding outside and it's -15 with the wind chill right now. Am I happy about it? No. But this cold means the wood fires are burning again. And I love the smell as it wafts through my family room and I love its cackling sound. It feels homey.
I don't know about you, but I am very impressed with this year's new shows on tv. Modern Family and Flash Forward have made me VERY happy. Nothing this fall has made me laugh harder than this scene from Modern Family:

I love when matchmaking works. This week I was lucky enough to pair up my friends at the Knox Pumpkin Farm in Ontario, with an old friend who is a producer at TVO Kids.

TVO Kids spent a full day today at the Farm, filming a tv show and segments for their station. I am so unbelievably homesick for the Farm, particularly in October. But I am really happy to know that I have put my matchmaking skills to work successfully, so that more people will fall in love with my favourite place of the fall.
I LOVE my slippers. Have you ever heard of Padraig slippers? I had bought a few pairs for some babies, but finally saw them in ladies' sizes last winter. My gram got them for me for Christmas and I wear them all the time. Too often, probably.

They're so soft and cozy, they wash really nice and they let your feet breathe. If you buy them for kids, they stretch with the growth of their feet. They are lovely!
I am grateful for flat rate long distance plans.
I am grateful that in a few short days I'll be eating turkey and pumpkin pie.
I am grateful that pvr's were invented.
I am grateful that my husband will be home in a little bit from soccer practice, because I hear another frickin' mouse scuttering around in the kitchen.


fancypants said...

I love it- what a great way to start the weekend by thinking about what makes you happy.
Glad the mouse is gone- hopefully the one you hear in the kitchen will be caught quickly.
I haven't seen that show (don't get anything new here)- but that was HILARIOUS!
Love that Owen got a haircut and wasn't scared!

otin said...

There is something scary about a barbers chair to any child. I know that I used to react bad when I was taken for a hair cut.

I also love the smell of a wood fire. I have a wood burning fireplace. A lot of people here have gas logs. (IN North Carolina)

Who has time to watch tv??? I blog too much! LOL!

Hit 40 said...

My kids are not autistic but...

we also took several years to get through a haircut without freaking out. I had to go to the kids barber forever because it would have been too embarrassing to go to a real hair cut place. The kids hair cutter had young kids who didn't cut very straight!!

My oldest kid was the worst!! He also was like a cat trying to get him in the bathtub. I gave him his bath on my lap until he was about 3 years old....

kinda weird but what can you do. He is fine now. They grow up.

Hopefully, your son will be able to overcome his fears.

I have one autistic kid this school year main streamed in my math class. He is of course getting an A+ Math is a strength for many autistic kids.

blueviolet said...

My son used to hate that snip snip sound of the scissors. I can see why that would be scary. It's kinda scary if the blades are sharp!

Isn't Otin the best? I'm so happy that we could share him with people who didn't know him. They don't get better than that. And no, he's not on the hunt for more readers but he got a bunch of them regardless. ;)

Did you really hear the snap of the trap right underneath you when you were sleeping? OH MAN!

Eliza said...

Wow! Way to be positive and wrap up the week with such a great tone!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that my sister bought me those slippers as well! My favourite!!! - Steph

Unknown Mami said...

Your gratefulness makes me smile. It's so important to notice the good things big and small.

I need new slippers.

Anonymous said...

Eek mouse!

So the 7 year old I nanny for was finally diagnosed with Asperger's this past year and now they are working on figuring out what's going on with the 5 year old I nanny for. The mother won't admit it but I'm pretty sure it will be the same as his sister. Anyways, your hair cut story is exact to what I go through with the 5 year old boy...among other 'fun' daily events.

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