Monday, October 12, 2009

Stacey’s Sunday Bandcamp #5


My Definition of BandCamp: reference to American Pie when the Michelle Flaherty character goes on and on and on "and this one time at band camp....". I've somehow adopted that expression over the years to refer to my rambling when I hear myself talking and I can't shut up or stop for air. I just realized how based on the American Pie reference, some might assume that BandCamp refers to something inappropriately sexual, but I assure you- it does not. So in this blog, you now know that BandCamp means 'Stacey's babbling and won't shut up'.

And we begin...

1) Unknown Mami hosts a beautiful meme on Sundays called 'Sundays in My City', where we get to post photos of where we live basically to make everyone jealous. Pop on over to her blog to get a free online vacation.
Unknown Mami

Welcome to Calgary, Alberta

at the Tyrell Dinosaur Museum
At the Tyrell Dinosaur Museum

Pengrowth Saddledome
At the Pengrowth Saddledome, home of the Calgary Flames

Bow Lake
Bow Lake

2) Tomorrow we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. It has always been one of my favourite holidays. A time to share great food around the table with good friends and family. Grandma flew in yesterday to spend the week with her grandsons and she may turn out to be the only guest at our table tomorrow. A year ago we had the in-laws, my grandmother and Greg and Devon. This year the in-laws and Devon moved back to Ontario, Gram is back in Toronto for a bit and Greg will likely be a no-show. Although we are thankful for having our visitor, it’s hard not to feel like we have taken a step back. That’s okay. More turkey and broccoli salad for me!
3) Will is talking up a storm lately. His articulation is definitely lacking, but I know what he is trying to say, for the most part. One of his challenges has always been that when he tries to talk, he nearly whispers so that no one realizes he is saying anything. So who would have thought that a window would have been the thing to bring his voice out? “I WANT WINNOW” is what I hear from the backseat for the entire 25 minutes of every drive to and from school. He is obsessed with the power windows going up and down, over and over again regardless of the sub-zero temps. Funny things, it’s music to my cold ears.

4) Is anyone else freaked out by the new Google Earth Street Views? I’m not sure what exactly it is that worries me about it, but I feel like we’ve crossed a line somewhere.

5) You can all make fun of me behind my back, but may I make a request? Can you all say a little prayer for Penelope and my sister, Steph? 11 years ago, Steph and I took home a pair of pug sisters from the same litter; Matilda and Penelope and they have been our babies ever since. We are currently waiting to hear news of some test results that will decide the future of Penelope’s health and we are obviously hoping for the best. Penels is so loved and adored by Stephanie and Amanor and I can’t imagine how Steph will cope if the news is bad. So say a little prayer for the Princess, will ya?

penels Princess Penelope

6) Today Jake participated in his first Irish feis of the new Feis. He did fantastic, scoring 1st, 4th and 5th in his medal rounds and bringing home a 4th and 10th place trophy in the dance specials. 

We surrounded by bouncy ringlets. Parents of girls who Irish dance are devoted. Those wigs cost a fortune and are a bitch to deal with! Not to mention that the dresses cost thousands of dollars. 

wigsJake cracked me up today. As he was exiting the stage and walking by his judge, he says to his coach, “I screwed up the ending, but I just made it up. The judge didn’t even notice.” Well she made not have seen it, but she definitely heard about it.

My three boys give me hugs and kisses
I don’t take that for granted
For years they pushed me away
and I cried.

Toes are warm, my blankets are many
By my friends I am cared for
Ten great years I’ve been married
I am blessed.

When I look around I see mountains
When I breathe deep, I smell clean
I see God in Earth’s beauty
I know rapture.

It’s not the turkey or the trimmings
And the words don’t come easy
But we live in gratitude
We give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving!!

Yes that google stuff is creepy.

ymK said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And I love that lake pic.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

Hope you enjoy your dinner, and glad that you have much to be grateful we all do. Shame that it takes a national holiday for us to recognize it in a real way.

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Great photos!

blueviolet said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I think it's sweet that you oblige with the windows even through the arctic temperatures.

Bow Lake is insanely gorgeous!

Your poem made me a little teary. It's so heartfelt and beautiful.

I so enjoyed this post.

otin said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I loved the poem at the end. Beautiful thoughts!

Unknown Mami said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

I love the picture next to the bone. It really gives you a sense of scale.

Dan said...

Good luck to Penelope. And a happy thanksgiving.

Joanna Jenkins said...

A belated Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for Sharing your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

awww... penelope thanks you!- Steph

Viv said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

newmami_rgv said...

Happy Thanksgiving.... great pics. Congrats to ur boy! Hope ya'll had a good one. Thanks for sharing.

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