Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stacey's Sunday Bandcamp #6


My Definition of BandCamp: reference to American Pie when the Michelle Flaherty character goes on and on and on "and this one time at band camp....". I've somehow adopted that expression over the years to refer to my rambling when I hear myself talking and I can't shut up or stop for air. I just realized how based on the American Pie reference, some might assume that BandCamp refers to something inappropriately sexual, but I assure you- it does not. So in this blog, you now know that BandCamp means 'Stacey's babbling and won't shut up'.

And we begin...

* So who was confused with my bLerApy post this week? How many of you thought I had a husband who liked to hunt? Besides stalking Toronto Maple Leafs and Wayne Gretzky in the 90's, Jonathan's not a hunter. If you didn't read the whole post because you were too lazy confused, I was asked to participate in Supah Mommy's new baby, bLerApy. A group of us anonymously blogged a post that was shown anonymously on someone else's blog. Hence my post about Bob the Builder and the hunter = an anonymous writer = not me. I'll be doing it again. It was a lot of fun.

* Have you guys seen this yet? Autism the Musical.

I fell in love with the movie. With the kids. My heart broke a few times throughout and I saw my twins in several of the children profiled. There are moments when I wanted to scream at some of the things I heard and other times I wanted to sob when I felt the parents' frustration. It really was a beautiful and inspiring film, I hope you'll watch.

Here's a glimpse of Lexi and Wyatt. Now tell me our kids don't have so much to offer.

I hate bullies.

* Tonight my dad and I went on Skype so he could see the kids. This living across the country from the grandparents is hard sometimes. My boys are missing out on family as much as they are missing out on my boys. And you know when you've got 5 minutes to have them put on a show for their audience but they refuse? Like when my mom used to try to make my sister and I sing Oh Canada in French for our visitors? So embarrassing. Well, I'm finding myself putting my kids through the same torture. While Jake refused to dance his Irish Reel, Will exceeded my expectations. I put him on camera and he counted to 50 ALL BY HIMSELF and sang his ABC's and Twinkle, Twinkle. All for his Poppa and Nonna. I was so proud.

* Right now I'm reading Tony Parson's "My Favourite Wife". I love everything he's ever written. Has anyone else read this?

* Our best friends from back home, Ian and Jenny, are expecting a baby any minute now. I predict a little sister for Isabella and I'm anxious to find out whether or not I'm right!

* I'm homesick. I hate feeling like this. I just want October to be over so I can start fresh in November. It's a busy week for all of us this week, especially with Halloween coming up. Anyone else having the October blah's?

* This wasn't a bandcamp. This was depressing. I'll start fresh tomorrow. Forget November. Must be bedtime. Night!


Anonymous said...

October is/was a beautiful month for me. I was able to connect with old friends and relatives while being at the Knox Pumpkin Farm (.com) over the month.

While there the leaves were changing colours daily and there were noticable adjustments in peoples lives with a baby on the way.

People seemed to be aware of their relationships and their roles. There are a lot of beautiful people around and its nice to have the opportunity to meet so many. And to be a part of it all.

I hope you can take in the beauty all around you as I have.

If the changes to the season is any indication life is beautiful.

blueviolet said...

I don't have any experience with autism but oh wow, that trailer was something! I really hope I get the chance to see that movie!

I love that technology like Skype makes keeping in touch so much easier!!!

Michelle said...

Wonderful video clip! Thanks for sharing!

It's great that Will 'showed off' while the camera was on - especially because it seems to be a universal thing for kids to clam up or not show what they know when you want them too :)

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for the new month too, Stacey :)

Also, I saw and LOVED Autism the musical. (As did many, many people on my facebook. I'm so glad so many people saw it and learned from it.)

Happy ALMOST November!

kys said...

I loved that movie!!! I always recommend it to our families at work. I haven't read any of those books. Are they really good?

Anonymous said...

Those clips were great. Thank you for sharing.

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