Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ode to Paddy (Paddington) 1997-2009

Paddington passed away last week and has left a hole in the hearts of Carol, Brian and Greg.
Paddy was my in-law's baby boy and lived out his last year happily, with a playmate and a foster family who loved him dearly, back in Ontario. He will be missed by us all.
the orange ball you squeaked
while all our hearts you tweaked

a trusty walking companion to Brian
your body and heart, the size of a lion

Carol will miss you beside her bed
oh! your red-golden hair you shed

your lolling tongue you slurped
while Squire, beside you, burped

Jake- sorry he had to move away
a friend to you, he wanted to stay

Poodie, will be mourned by Greg
a brother, on four legs

bit by a weasel, you yelped
many lonely souls you helped

a loyal friend were you
forever missed, so true


ModernMom said... sorry for you loss. Pets are so important, real members of the family.

ericsmommy said...

beautiful Stacey, I never met him but I am sitting here crying for him and your wonderful poem.

Anonymous said...

That was so nice. Thanks Stacey!!! Poodies!! Love Greg

Anonymous said...

:( :(

My parents just had to put their dog to sleep this week. It broke my heart to hear my Dad crying on the phone when he told me. :(

Anonymous said...

i really do miss him.jake

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