Friday, July 17, 2009

Stampede, Whiplash & Margaritaville

We have been here for three years and this is the first where all five of us got to experience the Calgary Stampede, albeit separately. The twins got to go on a day that was sponsored by the Stampede Queens- a free day for 100 or so kids with disabilities. Owen went with his therapist and Will went with his Uncle Greg as his aide. Jonathan and I took Jake with my dad for the day and as mentioned in a previous post, the grown-ups then hit Ranchman's for a night out.

We ran into this wannabe-cowboy on the Midway: my cousin, Darren, in from Toronto

Unfortunately, I have no photos of the twins' experience on their day out, but I do have a memorable video of Jake having a great time in the Buckaroo building. I nearly peed my pants laughing. What you might not be able to see is the bungee cord that Jake is strapped up to, causing him to rebound back after trying to make a basket with the beanbag. So funny.

Here is a video "snapshot" of our later night out with my Dad, after our fun at the cowboy bar.

Please make note of Jonathan's slushie, pink, girlie drink (the choice obviously was made under the influence). We aren't going to let him forget it.

None of this has anything to do with the rodeo, but perhaps next year we'll go to Stampede to watch some real cowboys and not Jimmie Buffett (Dad's Hawaiian print shirt) and his slushie-drinking sidekick. But then... I DID hear that there will be a new Margaritaville Restaurant built for Stampede's expansion in the next couple of years. The idea of a patio on the Grounds, with a margarita in hand suits me just fine. I'll just watch the cowboys walking by...

Post note:

My cousin, Jennie forwarded me this clip in honour of this blog post. It really is a happy song. Goes well with the hot and humid day we've got going on right now. I think I might have to go searching for my blender to mix me a margarita..


Lady Di said...

That's funny about the wanna be cowboy cousin! Hey, I just wanted to tell you that we will be back sometime this weekend to get our prize. Thanks so much, I just haven't had time to do a post this week. Amy is back on the scene, so we're tag teaming it again. Thanks again. Take care

Maddy said...

My goodness! What a lifestyle!

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