Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Walking along the sidewalk, the sounds of the kids in the schoolyard faded into the background and all of a sudden my sole focus was on the warm little hands that were gripping mine. I'm a mom whose sentimentality is often saved for when I have a minute to myself, alone, and usually when I write. But today I was struck by how lucky I was to have these two little boys who wanted to hold my hand.

In that moment, I flashed to the future and had a vision of walking down a similar pathway, with the same two hands now much bigger, holding mine. Would we still share little inside jokes that would make them giggle? 0r will they be telling me jokes that will make me double over in laughter? Will they tower over me and grab a hand in protection of their mum or will they push it away in embarrassment so that their friends don't see them?

Do parents of typical kids realize what a gift they have? Do they understand that the parents of children with autism often have to deal with the heartbreak of having children who don't want to be touched, or cuddled? While they may have the gift of having affectionate children, I have the gift of having learned a valuable lesson. To appreciate these little moments because they can never be taken for granted.

* * * * *

We have been a Wiggles family for the past 6 years. Will lives in a bedroom with each wall a different Wiggly colour (red, blue, yellow and purple) and Anthony, Greg, Jeff and Murray dolls go wherever he goes. But his world wasn't complete. He had Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog and Henry the 0ctopus, but no Captain Feathersword (the horror!). Yesterday, guess who showed up at our door in a bubble envelope? All the way from the UK, Daddy made Will's day, when the Cap'n joined our crew.

How's that for a moment?

* * * * *

Passed on from 0wen's teachers today after school:
At circle time. "Today is Tues..", with 0wen piping in unexpectedly "DAY"!!
Mom's reaction: "YAY!"

* * * * *


otin said...

People really do take things for granted quite a bit. It is a shame, really.

Danielle S said...

People do for sure! My daughter doesn't have autism but was never "cuddly" - so I cherish every time that she hugs and kisses me, even if it's when she sick.

Charlene Long said...

Wonderful pics and yes people take for granted when they are typical behaviors for that child.

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