Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Post-It Note Tuesday

I do truly love the staff at the boys' new school. But seriously, this is the third time Owen has come home in a different pair of pants than I sent him in because he's had 'an accident'. He isn't toilet trained, so what kind of an accident could he have, other than no one changing his pull-up? I just don't think it's fair that a kid who can't speak to tell anyone, is left to feel uncomfortable.

It really does. They say that this smell is actually considered to be good news, since it proves that the asparagus eater's kidneys are functioning as they should. If you've never noticed, you might want to look into those kidneys!

I can't help it. Archibald's Hard Cider is all I think about. 

I can't even talk about it. So gross.


I would say that they named that well.

Moms that are trying to connect with their techno-kids, but you don't yet know text jargon... please don't use WTF. It's not cool (or appropriate) coming from us.

Ya. People are idiots.

This was a meme brought to us by SupahMommy. Go check in what the others stuck up for Tuesday.


Amber said...

I totally agree with you about Modern Family! It is so Hilarious. I never get to see it till Thurs so that kinda sucks. I think all the shows on Wed night are great and monday of course.

Yaya said...


So the kids I nanny for go to this expensive private preschool and every day that girl is in the same diaper she was when I dropped her off at pick up time. So gross.

SupahMommy said...


WTF? i never knew.
I only have youngins.. so i'll just continue to be inappropriate !

the ttiger one? oh my word. WHO IN THE WORLD???

and the mouse one.
sistah. I have some stories from my last house.

a BRAND NEW HOUSE . . dare to say infested.

and your son.... that totally deserves a TRUE WTF.

That deserves some documenting and complaining.

thanks for playing..
come back next week

Unknown Mami said...

You can't blame the tiger for being a tiger.

I guess you can't blame the idiot for being an idiot.

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