Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Totally Awe-Summm

I didn't really win this award. I kind of stole it. But I was given permission-honest. I'm supposed to share 7 (seven) awe-summm things about myself/my life and then forward this award to seven others.

1. I've been known by more names than just Stacey or Willowjakmom. I will now add Awe-Summm to the list.
  • Foolah - a variation of my last name. Now just draw little dots in the middle of each 'o' and maybe you'll get the picture of what I was known for. Something that was medically reduced in my 18th year (thank GAWD!).
  • Nerma - a 9th grade teacher had the name written on her classroom seating plan. When calling attendance, she stood over my desk and yelled it at the top of her voice, furious that I didn't respond. It stuck. Yuck.
  • Daychee - there is a scene in Revenge of the Nerds where the Asian guy is riding a tricycle, singing "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true..." but with his accent, he sings "Daychee, Daychee...". Jonathan decided it was Japanese for Stacey and unfortunately, everyone I met in university believed it was my name also. Just call me Daych for short.
2. When I was a pre-teen, I had a bunch of odd jobs through the management of a neighbourhood mall in Scarborough (Morningside Mall - I'm proud to admit). I worked the odd kiosk, was Santa's Little Helper for a few years, ran mini golf for Father's Days and was even the Easter Bunny. One time when I was Mr. Bunny, I decided that I couldn't spend another day sitting in the stuffy hot costume to pose for photos. So I thought it would be practical to not bother wearing a layer of extra clothing underneath. A young boy sat on my lap for his photo and leaned in to look in my eye-holes of my Easter Bunny head. He turned to the crowd in the line-up and yelled "This Easter Bunny is wearing a bra in there!!!". How awe-summm is that?

3. My husband and I have been friends since the 7th grade. If you could call it friends. We fought like cats and dogs in the early days. Our teacher sat our desks together as our punishment for something, because he knew we couldn't stand each other.

I'm in the middle in the royal blue with the dark brown long hair, Jonathan is the tall geek in the grey tux and the bowtie

We were in a French Immersion program that had us in the same class every year until the end of high school. We started dating in the 11th grade, when he asked me to dance to Chicago at French Camp. *sigh* I thought he was pretty awe-summm back then.

4. When I was fifteen, I read a story in the newspaper about a 7 year old girl who had never lived outside of a hospital. Her parents had spent her whole life fighting to get her the necessary care for her to live at home. I had an overwhelming urge to do something. The little something started as a car wash, grew into a school-wide week-long fundraising initiative, then snowballed into a community effort at local malls and other schools. Ultimately, a wealthy businessman read a story I did with a newspaper and made a donation that was so substantial that Michelle was able to move home. Besides what I do everyday for my own family, it may prove to be my proudest achievement in life.

5. This isn't awe-summm, according to my husband-- but I can't live without Coronation St. I pvr every episode and even if I fall weeks behind, I don't miss an episode. Liam is my current favourite character. Blanche is another. Mostly because she reminds me of my grandmother.

6. I have a really strong sense of history, I think it's pretty awe-summm, actually. I can't go into a new town without thinking about its original inhabitants, I can't walk along a river without imagining what it looked like thousands of years ago and I have to stop and read every plaque on every monument that I see. My favourite novels are historical fiction and I am deeply interested in my own ancestry. Someday I hope to find the time to do some proper research to learn more about all the lines of my family. I do know that my maternal grandmother's line is recorded as far back as the 1700's and we come from a United Empire Loyalist- a true Canadian founder! My maternal grandfather also comes from an interesting background- from the First Nation Mohawks that settled with the Loyalists in the 1780's to create Deseronto, ON. My paternal grandfather is someone I respected and admired so much. He was a WWII Vet and also came from a fascinating history- his roots trace back to a famous Scottish poet named James Hogg and someday I would love to delve deeper into that research.
James Hogg (1770 - 21 November 1835)

7. I can't think of a seventh thing that makes me awe-summm. But I thought of five who I think are my proudest achievements:

Visit this new blogger who awarded me (read: let me steal) this honour. You'll see that she's pretty AWE-SUMMM, too!

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Lady Di said...

You ARE Awe-Summm!! Thanks for thinking we are too, and for stopping by today with the well wishes. Can you believe the nerve of that tree falling on me and my SUV like that??

Jaime said...

thanks for the award! you're pretty AWE-summm yourself

BoufMom9 said...

WOW! This was absolutely fascinating!
I am so incredibly moved by what you did for that little girl when you were a girl yourself. Just beautiful and completely and totally makes you awesome!

Thank you so much for the honor :)

Amy said...

I second that Awe- Summ! Thanks so much.

Alisha said...

Awe-Summm! Thanks!

Mrs4444 said...

This was an awesome post. I love the Easter Bunny wearing a bra story! LOL

Boy, one person CAN make a difference, and you are living proof. Nice job.

P.s. I'm linking to you tomorrow-You offered up one of my Favorite Friday Fragments! :)

Char said...

Awww, thanks Stacey! You are AWE-SUMM!!
I will have to think of my 7 things before posting. LOL.

Thanks for the award!

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