Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jaimie's blooming flowers

We had a special visitor last week.

When we first started out in the ABA world, we were so lost. Getting the diagnosis for the boys was so overwhelming. We were handed Catherine Maurice's book "Let Me Hear Your Voice" and the phone number for the IBI waiting list. When we realized that there was no chance in hell that we would ever get service, we started investigating private ABA/IBI providers. The first agency the boys were with came with a hefty price tag and a lot of confusion. But we met Jaimie. When Jaimie left that agency to move on to another, we followed her. And when we started looking into a move to Calgary, Jaimie was sooo helpful in providing any encouragement and information that she could about her hometown.

It's been two and half years since the boys had seen her. A lot has changed since they were last together- the boys have grown up and learned a whack of new skills and Jaimie is a new Mama for the second time, to baby Oliver. Although a lot of time has passed, we were quickly reminded of why we loved her so much. She really cared about Owen and Will and the fact that we are still in close contact is a testament to her connection to the kids.



Now with any hope, Jaimie might someday move her family back to Calgary and we can see more of her. It's a nice feeling to have someone in your life who saw the potential in our boys, right from the beginning.

We used this quote for a recent gift for one of our therapists:

When things are tough,
just remember,
every flower that ever bloomed
had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there!

We are grateful to all of our therapists, like Jaimie, who recognized that our boys are flowers.

1 comment:

Olliebollieboo said...

Waaaaaa, that is so nice. It was amazing to see you guys. You're one tough cookie girl and have done amazing with your boys. They have come so far and you should be very proud. You are an amazing advocate for those boys and I can still see the determination you have to see them succeed. I miss you guys loads!

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