Monday, December 24, 2007


It's Christmas Eve. It just wouldn't be Christmas if someone in the family didn't get hurt or sick. Under Poppa's watch ;) Will jumped off the back of a loveseat, thus knocking it over. Unfortunately for Jake, his head was pinned under the couch. Jonathan likens the scene to the Wicked Witch's demise in the Wizard of Oz, with only her legs sticking out from the house on top of her. It really isn't funny. When Pop came upon the scene, it appeared that Jake had broken his arm. Owen and Will were oblivious to Jake's screams as he was pinned underneath, they were both standing on the couch that was on top of his face.

Poor Jake got another tooth knocked out (one that wasn't loose yet). His nose is swollen and he's got a great shiner, not to mention the rug burn all over his face. His one lone top front tooth is hanging by a thread, but there is no chance that Jake is ready to pull that one out. Meanwhile he looks like he just lost a boxing match. He really is lucky he didn't break his nose or require stitches.


stephf76 said...

"Heeeeeeeeeeeey yoooooooooouuuuuuu guuuuuuuuuyzzzzzzz!!! - He looks a little bit like Sloth from Goonies. Still cute.

stephf76 said...

All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth....

Beautiful_x_Dissaster said...

Hehe he looks like a fighter. Thats funny. Hey Mr. Haley, my mom was reading your things about autism and she thought it was cool e=what you did.

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