Monday, December 24, 2007

Look What They Can Do!

Last week the boys' preschool invited the families to sit in on a 'mock' class one evening. The boys did crafts (wrapped Christmas presents and made cd ornaments), picked their gifts from under the tree and sang songs.

In this video, Zack starts us off by showing us the days of the week with the pointer. Being the proud parents that we are, we wanted to show off Will's amazing skills. His teacher says that when they first introduced the song about the days of the week, after only seeing it demonstrated once, he had the pointer in his hand and immediately knew which day to point out. Will is so cool at it. His memory is amazing and we're certain that he's teaching himself to read.

Our Erin Y. is home for the holidays from Edmonton and Owen was quick to run in for his cuddle.

Owen wasn't feeling very good tonight, as you can see by his red cheeks and unsmiling face. But he was still able to participate in craft making with Tara.

Our attempt at a family photo. I forgot my glasses at home and could hardly see anything.

Owen gets another cuddle with Monique

Despite not feeling well, Owen still participated in all of the events of the evening and made his Mom and Dad proud.

As always when we get to see the boys in action at school, we are impressed by all of the efforts of the staff. Erin works so very hard at adapting all the typical preschool activities into achievable goals for the boys. They are learning so much and doing things we are so amazed at. This year Erin has decided to be the school's full-time teacher (how lucky are we?) and we're also getting the added bonus of having last year's teacher, Monique, to sub for Erin whenever she has other appointments. Melanie, Sherri and Tara do a fantastic job at keeping their cool when the boys cannot and of prompting them to complete the tasks at hand. They're a great team and the boys are lucky to have them. Merry Christmas girls!

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