Monday, June 25, 2007

Random Pics in May

May was a busy month for us. Who am I kidding.. every month is busy for us. Uncle Phil was out here with a buddy to work on some things around the house. It was cheaper to fly him out here than it would have been to attempt to find any tradesmen in Calgary who wouldn't rip us off. His visit coincided with Auntie Boom's and we had a fun time with her for a few days. Michelle (my cousin) joined our family on May 8th. She's here until mid-August to work with the kids and generally help us keep our heads above water. Granny arrived within a day of Michelle and we enjoyed a nice visit. Granny was able to be here for Jake's actual birthday, then Nonna & Pop followed after and were here for Jake's party at the end of the month. It was a busy month, but lots of fun. Enjoy some random pics..

the boys were so happy to have both Auntie Boom & Uncle Phil here at the same time

I'm sure no one else is interested, but I thought it was pretty cool that I managed to catch a photo of this hummingbird, caught in a moment of rest before he buzzed off again

love this shirt purchase

Poppa saying good-bye to Will. This is Will's latest 'obsession'. You can't give one kiss without following through with twenty while counting aloud.

just a random big-horned mountain sheep we saw near Longview

family pics on Jake's birthday

Will has been stealing people's sunglasses lately. This one with Aunt Sally is especially cute

Granny enjoying the view at Lake Minnewanka

If you look very, very closely, you might be able to see the often-hidden mammal grazing in the deep woods

Graze, Michelle! Graze!

This might look silly to you.. but we could not stop laughing. While Carol stood in the middle of the road that borders Banff Springs Golf Course to pose for this picture, cyclists and one car full of young guys drove by and shouted "nice picture lady!!!" -not realizing that her arm was stuck out at the odd angle to pretend she was petting the elk that the guys could not see yards away from her.

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