Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Petting Farm Trip

Monday morning was a really fun day for us. Timing was in our favour for once and the twins' school had an organized field trip to a petting farm on the same morning that Jake & Jonathan had the morning off. We all went together and it was especially nice because for Jonathan and I, the whole time wasn't spent chasing Owen or Will because their teachers were there (Monique, Erin & Courtney). We just got to enjoy the day.
Here are a few photos from the past week to keep you happy:

Owen, Erin & Will

Dad & Will on the wagon ride

Jake practising for his GQ photo shoot

Owen riding the pony

Will (with Courtney) NOT wanting to ride the pony

Our three little pigs

I think they were looking at goats in this picture
from L to R: Jacob, Will, Owen M., Owen & Harry

Owen was smiling and happy the entire morning. It was amazing to watch how much he loved seeing all of the animals, compared to our days at the Knox Farm last year, when he was so complacent and disinterested

Milking goats - Will & Erin in background, Monique and Owen in front

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