Friday, March 23, 2007

Jake the Snake

You know your 5 year old is too cool when he doesn't think it's important enough to mention to his mom that he had a Boa Constrictor wrapped around his neck when he visited the Dinosaur Museum last weekend.

Brave little man!

And this is what happens when you let that same 5 year old choose his clothes to pack for his overnight trip. A pyjama shirt 3 sizes too small in a "I'm trying to model for a Sears catalogue" pose. His buddy Josh obviously has more attentive parents who help their son to pack his pyjamas.


Nancy said...

Stacy, I've linked to your blog from David M's which I have started reading. Great picture of Jake!! Yes, they do start to do things you don't know about until later.
I have subscribed as a blogger, something I want to do as a professional growth item, but I have a few up now I want to take down as I had troubles getting started, any idea how this is done?
I enjoy reading your responses to David's blog and I'm sorry you had snow when we had such warm weather, although it hasn't lasted, take care, Nancy

Nancy said...

Thank you for your post Stacy, I still seem to have problems logging on as it won't accept my password which is why I am always recreating.... I will figure it out. I don't know how you do it with three very busy boys!! Take care and thank you. N

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