Sunday, September 03, 2006

Yoho & Kicking Horse

Our pictures just don't do it justice.

Lucky for us, while Diane was staying with us, her aunt and uncle also flew into town from Ontario to make the drive out to Golden, BC, where Di's cousin lives. I volunteered to drive them all to Golden. They didn't believe me when I said it was no trouble, but I wasn't lying when I said I was selfish because it was the perfect opportunity to see somewhere I had never been before. Golden is situated about an hour/hour and a half past Lake Louise, right off the Trans Canada Hwy. When making the drive, you actually get to go through Banff National Park and then Yoho National Park. What I didn't realize until I made the trip, was that the mountain ranges take on a completely different look as you transition from one to the next. Forgive my lack of geographical knowledge and I know many people will think I'm an idiot.. but I had no idea that mountains could look so different!

The views were absolutely stunning and we were very fortunate to have such beautiful weather. After doing the drive with Diane and her family, I decided to do it again with Dana and Emily and Jake. Again, the weather didn't disappoint. Take a look at some of the scenery we got to see.

This view was taken from atop Kicking Horse Mtn

Jake on the gondola ride up Kicking Horse Mtn

Those little people you see are Dana, Emily and Jake

This site won't let me add any more photos, so I will include them in another post.

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