Sunday, September 03, 2006

Our Little O-Dog

So here's a quick Owen update. Without a programme to talk about, it's tough to sum up how the boys have been progressing. It reminds me of the early days in the boys' lives where everytime a grandparent called, we had to give them their latest birth and weight updates from their latest doctor's appointment.

Anyways.. Owen has been a happy little boy. I would say that his favourite part about moving to this new house is the backyard. We have a great layout now, that allows the boys to come and go out the back door that runs from our rec room (if we leave the door unlocked) and the boys can play in the fenced-in backyard. We have windows all along our main floor from the kitchen through to the rec room and we can keep our eye on them. Owen particularly loves this freedom and he spends a lot of time playing in the sandbox (which was in the yard before we got here), or playing on the slide. He loves it and I love watching him.

Owen has been really playing well with Jake as well and it has been fun to watch the two of them interact. It seems that socially, Owen is coming along really nicely. His relationship with Dad has really blossomed and that is probably one of the nicest things to see. It's hard to believe that this is the same little boy who months ago, would not let Jonathan even pick him up. Now they cuddle on the couch together.

We are pretty anxious to get the new picture exchange programme in place once the behaviour consultant starts working with O. I can't wait to see how he progresses with his communication and I am sure he'll love the independence it gives him. One thing that we can say for sure about O and the changes he has recently gone through with this move is that his tantrums have got so much worse. That cry that he has can really drive you CRAZY! He milks it for all its worth too. We typically go through an hour long cry every morning while he tries to wait us out in an effort to have a bottle of milk. We have successfully been beating him at this game (mostly), by outlasting him until he gives in and eats breakfast first. Feeding and expanding Owen's diet continues to be our most difficult challenge. We have succeeded in giving him at least 20 mL of Ensure (a nutritional supplement drink) in his milk at every bottle.. it's a start! We are hoping to increase that to half a bottle. Next step will be from bottle to cup.

We hope that soon we'll have lots of positive updates on Owen for you!

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