Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Boom Chica Boom

Thank you Jen!!!

Auntie Boom's friend Jen was kind enough to bring Steph out for a visit on one of her passes (she works for an airline). They arrived last Monday and left on Wednesday and we were all so happy to have them with us. The boys all took to Jen immediately and Auntie Boom will probably wish for me to ignore the fact that Jake was quite taken by her. We know Auntie Boom is still his favourite.. don't worry.

We spent a lazy first day with the girls and Owen, Will and Jake enjoyed some quality time. Diane, Dana and Emily were all in Edmonton for a few days, so we took the opportunity to leave Dad at home with the Brothers, since we know how much they hate long car rides, and we drove to Banff for the day. The weather was up and down, cloudy then clear, cold then hot, but we managed to enjoy ourselves all the same. We took another gondola ride up Sulpher Mtn in Banff and still got to see some great views.

The only downside to the day was having to put up with Jake's whining. He's been getting better since we moved out here, but ick.. it's still there when he wants to turn it on.

I'm happy to say that we got another person hooked on the show Nip Tuck. I have become absolutely addicted to this show, I must say. Thanks to Bronwyn for giving me her copy of its 1st season, which I watched on our drive out west.. now I can't get enough of it. I got Diane and Jonathan on board and we spent nearly every single night watching it, then we made our way through season two. (Yay! Finally a show Jonathan will watch with me!). Jen got suckered in while she was here and I promised that I will be mailing her the dvd's when we are finished with them so she can continue to get hooked on the drama, as am I. --For those of you you have never seen it, don't watch it in front of little ones.

Our second night with our visitors had Dana, Emily and Diane back with us and we feasted on a fondue that wasn't as easy to prepare as we thought it would be. Let's just say that the cheese just didn't do what it was supposed to. But that's alright.. everyone was there for the chocolate anyway. We also enjoyed a night around the firepit and Jen hid the marshmellows from Jake. Hmm.. I wonder where they could be?
We really did have a great time with the girls. We put up with a lot of bad singing, one too many songs down memory lane from the old William G. Miller days.. but we paid Jen and Steph back with instilling the Signing Time songs permanently in their brains. "Do you know the colours of the rainbow?" or "1-2-3-4-5 a day. Eating in a healthy way".
Even though she isn't a good singer, despite the fact that our Nanna told her she was, and even though she's a pain in the butt.. I couldn't be happier that Auntie Boom has this job with the airline so that we might hopefully enjoy a lot more drop-in visits like this one. And Jen is welcome to stay with us anytime, with or without her singing partner. Besides, it would be more relaxing than lugeing around Calgary with your husband's buddy...

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