Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rock Rubbing

Close your eyes. Now imagine two rocks rubbing together really hard. Try to imagine the sound that would make. That is the sound that we have been living with for the past three days. Owen's a teeth-grinder. It can drive a person insane! I try to massage his jaw muscles, I try to give him chewy tubes to chew on and then I try by just saying "for the love of God, please stop!". Nothing works. It drives me mad.
Apart from that, the twins have transitioned really well back into the routine of going to nursery school and therapy. It is such a relief to see them so happy in their routine and it only makes it more apparent that they suffer when there are breaks from it. This summer is going to be a challenge when we try to minimize the 'down-time' with the move and the switch from the therapy here and the new therapy in Alberta. Either way, nursery school finishes with the regular school year in June, so they will definitely miss that social aspect of their program, not to mention our teachers Susan, Holly, Joy and Diane. They will be sorely missed.
The therapists are currently working on getting the boys off of the bottle. Easier said than done. Neither of the boys will drink anything other than milk and water. No juice. Owen is the more stubborn of the two and when I say stubborn, I mean that he would rather starve for months than be forced to drink from a sippy cup. Lucky for us we have the girls from EXL to work on that and once (if) they can get the bottle away, we will be doing the same at home. This means lots of crying and tantruming (on Owen's part) at therapy. We'll see how they do.
Jake's 5th birthday is coming up next month and we're starting to plan. With this being his last birthday in Ontario, I'm thinking that we'll let him invite everyone he wants and try to have it at the farm (if they'll let us). He really wants all the boys in his class to be there, plus a couple more, so I think we can manage that. Rain or shine it will be an outdoor day of playing in the muck and sloshing through the stream to go bug-catching. We're going to do a private family dinner at Chuck E. Cheese as well on the day of his actual birthday, so that should be fun. Spoiled rotten.
Yesterday Jake and I spent his day off from school working on a giant poster that is covered with pictures of everyone that he loves. So, as he says "for the times that he misses them and needs to see their faces". It's pretty nice, actually. I hope it stays intact to last through our move out west.
I got an update from Dana that Emily got the chicken pox!! We hope she's feeling better soon and even though we miss her visits, we don't want them! :) Bronwyn also called us last night to say that she's on her way to Chicago today for her school trip. We wish her luck at the concert competition and we'll hear from her when she's back on Tuesday. Last but not least, Jake was really excited to reach his hand into the mailbox to find a postcard from his Granny! He's so pleased that he got personalized mail sent just to him. Keep 'em coming!

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