Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rally Photos

I mentioned that I'm headed to another rally for Autism in Ottawa this coming Monday. This will be my 3rd trip out there to lobby the federal government to included ABA treatments in the Canada Health Act. I have also made it to two rallies at Queen's Park. I think it's really important to continue putting ourselves out there, regardless of whether or not the boys are taken care of, to help the families that come after us so that they don't have to deal with the heartache and hardships that we have had to.

I just wanted to include some photos that I've amassed:

These three pics are from the last rally at Queen's Park on April 1st. Click on the title of this post and it will lead you to Bruce McIntosh's website with full rally news coverage video clips. Cheeks, Aunt Shell, Grandma, Nonna and Auntie Boom are in the photo on the left (Poppa, Bronwyn, Dad, Peter and the kids are not shown, but we were all there!) Take note of MPP Shelley Martel. This woman knows our issue inside and out and I have a lot of respect for her commitment and compassion for the cause of Ontario's children with autism.

Michelle and Bronwyn joined me for a road trip to Ottawa on November 17th. Speakers that day included MP's Colin Carrie, Stephen Fletcher, Stockwell Day, Peter Goldring, Scott Reid, Peter Julian and Gord Brown. If you look closely at the geeks freezing their butts off, holding the banner on the steps.. you might recognize us..

All of these pictures come from the following websites: and

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