Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wednesday Words of Advice & Warriors *Why I'm an UN-Warrior*

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I am an UN-Warrior and here are the sad reasons why:

- I cry at least once a week. Not because I feel sorry for myself, but because I'm scared.

- We have mice in the house at the moment and even if one was crawling on my kid, I think I'd be paralyzed with fear. Paralyzed while standing on a chair.

- I can preach about nutrition and healthy eating, but I eat like crap when I shouldn't and I can't get my kids to eat vegetables.

- I sometimes start my day with a shot of Mint Bailey's in my coffee (I always leave a giant gulp-full at the bottom so I figure half has sunk so it shouldn't count).

- I'm partially deaf. I rely on reading lips. A lot. But I'm too much of a weenie to get fitted for a hearing aide.

- I can be judgmental. I really try not to be. But I have NO patience for parents who don't put the needs of their kids first or for people who constantly play the victim card.

- I am sometimes really shallow. I got together with my husband because he had great legs. I thought this even in the 11th grade. And fyi: he still has great legs.

- I'm a Mama Bear. But there have been times that I have held my kids from being themselves, because I was more concerned at how other parents would judge us. I'm ashamed of this.

- I can't run. Jake thinks this is a major personality flaw, so I guess it is.

- I can be a miserable bitch. At least once a week. And often, hubby and I snap at each other. Or I beat him up until he cries.

Have you got any advice to share? Or a Warrior you want to write about? Go blog about it. Then come back and don't forget to enter your blog's URL in Mr. Linky below to share it with us. Happy Hump-Day!


Nancy said...

Are you beating yourself up or just laughing at yourself? You know you just described about every woman on this planet? You are NOT an UNwarrior!!

Mike said...

What is this once a week bitching?? We give you a whole week every month and now you want more!?! lol

My boss can't hear, and really needs a hearing aid. Sometimes you can talk directly to him and he does not hear you unless he is looking at you.

Have a nice day!!

Caution/Lisa said...

We must be related! However, I may or may not own up to which of your list fits me ... or whether it's actually the entire list.

Thanks for the additional info on the diet. I've got to do some serious thinking, and that's not something I like to do very often.

Alisha said...

I agree with fancypants!

Captain Dumbass said...

I got my kids eating broccoli by pretending they were small trees and that there were little people in them terrified of being eaten by giant children. Meh, it worked.

Liz Mays said...

Get the hearing aids! My hubby wears them (got them before the age of 40) and feels like he's a new man. (He ain't, but he feels like one.)

Mrs4444 said...

Thanks for inviting me! :)

And BTW, it's good that you're too chicken to get a hearing aid--they are VERY expensive!!!

Viv said...

Okay, I came back and linked. :)

junebug said...

I am judgemental, as well, so I have to say I have judged you as a warrior and not an un-warrior. :-)
I am slightly shallow. I am so scared that my husband might lose his teeth that I am vigilant about his dentist appt. more so then the doctor. I have a thing about nasty mouths - they make me judgemental.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fancy =) Any momma is a Warrior. Period.

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