Wednesday, April 05, 2006

High Five and Nosebleeds

I've promised a few people that when we make the big move to Calgary, I'll have a solid habit of posting blurbs about the boys' day and accomplishments on this blog every night, so that everyone back home can take a peek and stay up to date on the lives of the Willowjak boys. Something tells me that I might not be so reliable at keeping my promise, so I thought I would start it now and try to form the habit. Don't they say that you've got to do something for 21 days before you can make or break a habit? We'll see if it holds true..

Took Jake this morning to get his nose checked out with an ENT doc. This is the second time I've had him in because of his nosebleeds. I think that when it starts affecting his school and his ability to play and run around with the other kids, it's a problem. I've had to pick him up from school and there have been times that it's bled for hours, only to start up again afterwards. Royal pain in the butt for Jake. Sooo... Dr. Klassen was kind enough to take my concerns seriously and he cauterized (sp?) it right there in the office. We have instructions to take him back to do the other nostril in the next little while. Jake was all smiles and had no problem with it. Let's hope it works. He and I baked some chocolate chip cookies this morning (Jake snuck so many bits of batter and tried to hide it from me.. if he could see the obvious chocolate stains on his mouth he'd realize he's not as sneaky as he thinks he is). Bumpy is over right now for a visit and I can hear him suffering through Jake's concert - drums and the recorder. Music to the ears.

When I dropped Will and Owen off at nursery school this morning, I got some great feedback from the Nursery School ladies. They had a little 'field trip' to the local library yesterday and the boys did amazing at sitting for story time with all the other kids. I am so pleased. There was a time when I would never even try to bring them to something like that because they would be so disruptive and couldn't care less about the activity. It gives me great hope.

Will got his hair buzzed last night by Daddy. He looks adorable, despite having a few strays that are still over an inch longer than the rest and standing straight up. lol. That boy doesn't like to sit still for a haircut so I think the errant few that escaped the clippers the first time, will just have to wait for a few months until the next trip to Daddy's Hair Den.

Owen is still pretty snotty from the cold. He really seems to suffer the worst of the three boys. I wish I could teach him to use a kleenex. Gross. He got up with the sun this morning so I think he's recovered from the time change. Will and Jake both slept in again though. Neither one of them were able to fall asleep last night, so I'm not sure how many more days it will take before they settle back into the routine.

I have to record the date of April 2nd. Owen leaned forward and gave me my first kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To think back to a year ago.. I never thought I would see the day. Will is keeping us all smiling with his new found talent of giving everyone high-fives. He gets right into the game of it and it's so wonderful to watch how excited he gets. All of these little accomplishments are so heart-warming. I think I'm going to post the updates that the boys' therapists provide us with that show the targets and tasks that are being worked on. Maybe later tonight. It's really helpful and it great for maintaining consistency between the therapy, nursery school and home.

That's it for now. I have to pick the boys up from therapy in the next 15 minutes or so. Will check in again soon!

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