Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did You Know?

All About Owen

- he's been fully and independently toilet trained since before the summer with not even a pull-up overnight?! (no more diapers after 9 years for Mom and Dad!)
- he has started to try and vocalize sounds for the first time in two years and can now proudly say bye, hat, hi, happy, eat and bottle.
- he had his first time off from a home-based therapy program this summer- a whole summer off to be a normal kid!
- he gets his hair cut regularly with no tantrums! clippers and scissors.
- after dentist visits every 3 months to get used to the office, people and equipment, he is now allowing the dentist to scrape his teeth!
- he is this close to dunking his head under water in the bath and in the pool. Nose and mouth are in there so it won't be long!
- remember the kid who couldn't walk three steps without falling down or who couldn't bend his head backwards? Check him out now:

- he is choosing to use sign language and learning and communicating more words and phrases every day.
- he is finally showing an interest, and identifying the letters of the alphabet and colours
- thanks to grandparents, he now has an ipod touch and is using Proloquo2go to communicate with a voice 
and I use


for visual schedules with him.
- his eye contact is incredible and his connection with people is really remarkable
(that doesn't mean he won't take a few days to get used to you first). 
- he's mischievous like his younger brother, Will. Whenever something disappears in the house- you can guarantee that it is stashed away in his room and the item is most likely something precious to someone: Will's favourite stuffies, Jake's favourite book, the remote control.. And in the past month, Mom's glasses have been bent in half, an entire tube of toothpaste has been emptied and squeezed throughout the bathroom, Mom's storage of files have been pulled out from under the bed and thrown scattered throughout her room and just tonight, a whole tube of Jake's temporary electric blue hair dye was dumped and ground into our (already-destroyed) beige carpet. And although the damages are great, inside I'm smiling.

Because all of this is a sign of great things to come. Teachers and aides alike are all declaring that this is his year. The year of the break-through.

Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time. ~Deborah Chaskin
It's Owen's time.


Dana said...

You made me cry.....again!!! God we miss you guys and this makes me sad to realize how much we have missed out on...but happy & proud of your beautiful boy...of all of you...your patience and perseverance have sure paid off!! And no one deserves the success more than you guys!! We love you!!! Dana & Emily

Anonymous said...

Amazing!! I cant ever say how great of a mom you are!!
I am so happy and proud to be part of Owen's growth, and to be one of his teachers!! Your kids are amazing and teach us all things everyday!!
We love you!

June Freaking Cleaver said...

This gave me chills!

Congrats on all the skills he's acquired, and my this year be THE FIRST year of landmark years!

fancypants said...

This made my heart smile! I wish you all many more achievements and successes.

Caution Flag said...

Yes!!! I'll be praying that "this year" happens soon :)

Nezzy said...

Now girl, stand back and move the furniture...I'm doin' a big old happy dance here for you. Yes, progress and a huge breakthrough. I know, I taught Special Ed. for years. I'm just thrilled for you and your family. I'm just smilin' all over.

The last autistic child I had is now in his Junior year in college with a 4.o.

God bless and have the best weekend girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stacey I just melted when I read this!! How amazing is his breakthrough!!! I hope you have many more =)

Char said...

It certainly IS his time! Spread those proud peacock feathers Mama! That is so awesome. I was thrilled to finally get back to reading my blogs and seeing this post. So great to hear my friend.

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