Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Bilodeau's - a Golden Family

The Olympics always have a way of finding a hero for a country to become enamoured with. Alex Bilodeau made Canada proud when he won Canada's first ever gold medal on Canadian soil. He will forever be remembered in the history books for this achievement, but he will also be remembered for the family he comes from.

(credit: Charla Jones/The Globe and Mail
The Bilodeau's have had an impact on me. In hearing their story and their experience of how they have raised their three children, Alex, Frederic and Beatrice, I have been inspired to re-think how I am raising my three. Alex was a hockey player, it was his passion and he was following in his father's footsteps in pursuing his love of the sport. Mom stepped in early on and forced Alex to give it up. He would have to choose a sport that he could enjoy with his entire family. One that his brother, Frederic, could participate in as well. Frederic has cerebral palsy and his mobility is very limited, but he was able to ski. So Alex conceded and the family skiied together.. this sport became Alex's new passion and the rest is Olympic history.

It has inspired me to pursue/seek out a family activity that all five of us can enjoy and do together. Not an easy task, given our financial situation and the varying levels of interest and ability between the three boys. But hearing the Bilodeau's story has really moved me and I am determined to make this our story. I don't expect a gold medal at the end, but I do hope to achieve the sense of unity that the Bilodeau's share.

Please take the time to read this article about them. It's really quite remarkable.

The Bilodeaus: Elusive truths from an unforgettable family
(the Globe and Mail)

The night Alexandre Bilodeau won his gold medal, his sister Béatrice was beside herself as only a 16-year-old girl can be beside herself.

One moment he was Béatrice Bilodeau's brother and the next he was Alexandre Bilodeau, winner of the gold medal for freestyle skiing, Canada's first on Canadian soil - glory of our glory, the first of our triumphs.

"He went on the media, and he was just gone," Béatrice remembers. She gave him a hug at the foot of the hill, and then he was swallowed by the adoring, proud masses.

Afterward, back alone in the hotel with her father, Serge, and mother, Sylvie, Béatrice did what she always does when she feels sad or bad: She talked to Frédéric, her eldest brother. He could always hear her...


Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Stacey, yes as a Canadian I was on the edge of my seat when he won and so inspired by the story of his wonderful family. I think finding an activity you can all enjoy together is win/win for everyone gold medal or not!


Viv said...

I was watching when he won the gold. Amazing.

The article gave me chills...the good kind though.

Nezzy said...

I too was watching. He has an inspirational family behind his inspired story.

Thanks for sharing the article. God bless and have yourself the best day!!!

Caution Flag said...

It is a marvelous story :) Now I wonder what sport our entire family could enjoy together...still thinking ...

オテモヤン said...


ModernMom said...

The Bilodeau Family was the most incredible family to watch!! I fell in love with them:) Tears streaming down my face and cheering from my couch. There really are some beautiful people out there and I love that the media finally found some wonderful people to highlight!

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