Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fragments

This is my lazy-woman's strategy. Because I don't have the time or the brain power to eloquently write a post you will all love so much that you'll want me to get published (don't worry.. that's still a goal), I decided to participate in Half-Past Kissin' Time's Friday Fragments.That, and the fact that Jonathan and I have a night out tonight! -taking advantage of having a visiting grandma in town to babysit. So I need time to beautify myself (trust me- takes a lot of work without much success). Here goes:

* snow sucks Calgary's snow removal plan sucks

* You think you've got it bad? My friend, Mo has cerebral palsy. She has endured countless surgeries all her life to correct the debilitating effects it has had on her body. A few days ago she had surgery on her foot. You never hear her complain, she just bears the pain she is in. A year ago I was shocked to learn that the main reason she had such a pronounced limp was because all of her toes had curled under her foot and each step she took placed all her weight on the top of her toes. Ya-excruciating, right? So a few days ago she had surgery to remove all the bones in her toes, to be replaced with rods. Ouch. Just think of Mo the next time you bitch about stubbing your toe.

* If you live in the Toronto, ON area, make sure you find time to schedule in a trip to one of my favourite places in the world: Knox Pumpkin Farm. Tomorrow is the Farm's Autism Awareness Day, so there is an even more important reason to take the family out. If you do go for a visit, look for Farmers Ian, Jenny, Diane or Devon and let them know you heard about them from me. Maybe you'll get a.. pat on the back?

* Owen, Will and Jake had an awesome time at the Wiggles concert the other night. I wasn't there (I was watching Mo's son, Eric while she was in surgery), but Jonathan and Grandma had a hoot watching them. Will even managed to storm the stage and managed to get on to a speaker before a security guard pulled him off.

* Today I listened to a newscast about the status of Canada's freshwater rivers. I now feel guilty about all the waste I make where water is concerned. From now on, I'll turn the water off while I brush my teeth, I'll fill the rinse-sink with water instead of letting it run when I do dishes and I promise to get a rain barrel for the spring. It's a start! What do you do to conserve water?

* I hate gel toothpaste. I hate those flip-top paste containers too. Goopy mess.

* I can't wait to see 'Where the Wild Things Are'!! Anyone else adding it to their list this weekend?

* Yesterday one of Will's therapy staff called to say that she was exposed to H1N1 and did I want her to still come to work? No. Have I over-reacted?

* I'm a miserable bitch right now. Don't know why. But here's a tidbit. I have just spent a full 16 minutes trying to think of something funny or witty to say and I couldn't get past my bitch to think of anything. I should probably just go to bed and forget about going out.

* Maybe this will work. Here's a Friday Feel-Good:

* Please leave me a comment that will make me laugh. I need a pick-me-up.



Anonymous said...

Wow that news story was great. Almost teared over on that one.

You know, I often think about people like your friend Mo. People with "real" problems. It makes the mundane annoyances in life seem like nothing.

otin said...

I would not let someone who said that they were exposed to H1N1 on my street!

We all have bitchy times! I have a lot of them!

blueviolet said...

You have to know it's funny that your kids stormed the stage of a Wiggles concert. The WIGGLES!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are having one of those wierd days Stacey, hope you have a great time tonight and I wish we were going too, but my foot just isn't up to it this time around but the next get together they have we will be there. Win one of the 50 dollars gala items to knock it off your list. If you need me next week to sit at the house with the boys while you get Jake I can do it let me know. Love Mo

p.s My foot is doing good toes are sraight for the first time in over 25 years.

ericsmommy said...

finally got signed in, the anonymous is me Stacey in case you didn't know

Caution Flag said...

I'm so happy to find your blog! If I can navigate my way back, I'll be following the blog.

What's wrong with those fliptop toothpastes? I love them - but probably because I think that by shutting it, I am containing the clutter that is my life. As if.

SueMac said...

"Have I over reacted?" made me laugh!!! That was really funny!

Hit 40 said...

How fun...

I want to go see a movie and eat popcorn!!! Where the Wild Things are looks awesome!! I look forward to reading the reviews. I still need to see the Hangover. It was suppose to be hysterical.

Unknown Mami said...

It's okay to have our bitchy moments.

Thank you for sharing your friend's story; it really does help keep things in perspective.

Have a great weekend and you are witty even when you think you are not!

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