Tuesday, May 26, 2009

While I've Been Gone..

Life just keeps getting in the way of my personal life! hehee. No time to write these days. I can't wait for the end of June to come and summer to start so that life can slow down a bit.

While I've been "gone" from the blogging world, here are a few things that have gone on around here:

- My baby isn't a baby anymore! Jake turned 8 a couple of weeks ago and his big Webkinz Dance Party is coming up this Saturday. Will post an update and pics afterwards.

- a recent trip to the park with his therapist (Tara) and Will watched an older girl climbing trees. His new favourite phrase: "I want to climb tree" while his bigger buddy carries him from tree to tree, trying to find one he can reach to climb into. Mom tries to stay cool about it and not worry. It's normal for an active six year old boy to start climbing, right?

- In the past two days, Owen has let me introduce some new foods that he has taken to: strained pear & strawberries, applesauce, nibbles of organic bacon and watermelon! Someday this boy will eat again!!!!!!!

- Jonathan and I have each lost 30 pounds since the second week of March. Jonathan is working on maintaining his loss and I have a long way to go to hit my goal, but very proud of how we have done so far.

- Will pulled out his second tooth this past weekend! I wasn't here to witness it, but apparently he spent a whole day wiggling and working it until he finally pulled it out in front of the mirror. When it dropped, he jumped up and said "WE DID IT!!!". Now he is toothless in the front bottom. Wish I could get a picture that would show it, but I can't get him to post properly.

- Owen got to go with his therapists last Friday to the Calgary Children's Festival. I wish he could talk to tell me what he loved about it, but I only know from his therapist that he had a great time.

- Jake performed at his school's end of year concert last week, but Jonathan and I missed it. :( I feel terrible about it, but Jake tells us we didn't miss anything.

- Jonathan and I just returned from a 5 day stay in Chicago- our first longer break away from the kids since they were born! We attended the Autism One conference and it was worth every penny. I will write a more detailed post on this soon.

- Owen has been granted a spot at a private school for kids with autism that begins in September! Jake and Owen accounted for, still awaiting for Will's placement...

That's it for now. Looking forward to getting back to the swing of things and filling everyone in.


ericsmommy said...

Sounds like a regular week at the Haley's LOL Sounds great, sorry you missed Jake concert, least you will see the boy's christmas/end of year concert if they ever get it going on. Love Mo

ModernMom said...

So much can happen so fast!
Gald you enjoyed the Autisim workshop and some time away without the kids. We all deserve that!

Jenny said...

It's a busy life for us moms! It might be healthier if we'll have time out sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

Alisha said...

Hi there. I am a Canadian mom as well (NB) and I just found out yesterday that my twin daughters are autistic. One has PDD-NOS, and the other classic autism. Anyways, I am looking for information, and to connect with other mothers in the same situation. My can email me or comment on my blog. :)

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