Monday, April 06, 2009

Crafty Kids

It's Magic Marker Monday, hosted by Michelle at 5 Minutes for Special Needs. We're going to share some kids' arts and in my family, our three boys are always thrilled to do arts and crafts and show it off to everyone.

Owen's masterpiece was a craft from preschool. Who doesn't love Bunny-Eggs at Easter? I'm especially proud at all of his fine motor effort in tracing the letters of his name.

Will just came home from his new off-site 'typical' preschool, with a craft he just made. Isn't it cute? Not sure if it's a worm or a snake, but it sure is tasty if Will's numerous attempts to eat chunks out of him is any indication. I wonder if it's gluten-free? :S

Jacob's 2nd grade class has a class "pet" (aka stuffed animal) named Olive. I believe she's supposed to be named after Olive the Reindeer.

Each child gets to take Olive and her journal home for a few days. Olive is expected to participate in all of the family's activities and have her photo taken with the child. He has to journal everything they've done together. Jake drew her picture as a memento of their special time together. He very accurately included an outfit that he made for her, after cutting up some socks from the unmatched sock drawer.

I'm thrilled that I've got kids who love crafts as much as I do. I think I'm going to love Magic Marker Mondays.


Anonymous said...

well this is jake saying.olive is not a ha!

Anonymous said...

well heres something to thingk about.olive is not a ha!-jacob

Childlife said...

They all did a fabulous job! I love the smilie faces on the bunnies and the snake's little googly eyes :D

And how creative that Jake thought to make an outfit for Olive out of your mismatched socks -- pretty clever!

So glad you joined in with MMM this week ;)

~Michelle @ 5MFSN

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