Sunday, March 29, 2009

jakes life by jake

iv been wondering what its like to see a shipwreke.I stopt wondering wene my 3erd best feirend brout a s.o.s. patern in scoole.i lernd that s.o.s was ferst yousd in 1912 wene titanic sank I olso lernd it was the bigist ship ever.iv been in irish dance for 3 yeres and the next compatistion is in may in saskatoon.writ me back to see what else is hapaning.


Live and Learn said...

Jake, you are a great writer!

I enjoyed reading what was happening. Maybe some day you will get your own blog!

Mrs. Hake

JaimieH said...

Hi Jake!

I loved reading your blog! I bet irish dancing is lots of fun. Reading about the shipwreck was very interesting. Keep up the good work!

Sunshine from california!

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