Monday, March 23, 2009

Bedtime Moments

Here's a glimpse of last night in the household.. (maybe give some insight into how the boys are doing):

"Owen, you wanna have a bath?" Nods head very deliberately, pressing chin down to chest with mouth hanging open from the effort. Runs downstairs to the bathroom and begins undressing (on his own) to jump into the tub.

Will is independently on the computer; turning the power on, clicking on the appropriate icon on the desktop, clicking 'close' on a pop-up that magically appeared, then proceeding to select & click his favourite video clips on ZacBrowser. Singing "We Are Family!!!" at the top of his lungs with the cartoon characters on the screen.

Jake reads three full pages of journal entries, using grammar and vocabulary that I doubt I had at 7 years old. After getting in trouble for the ((365 x 3) - maybe 8)= 1087th time for not picking up after himself, Jake came to me and said, "can we talk for a minute? I think we need to start over. Let's just forget about how mad you are at me and start over." Sooooo mature.

After his bath, Owen ran upstairs and came up to me. He made the sign for eat and said (unprompted) "Eeeeeee-t", while tapping his teeth. I played dumb so he ran to the table and grabbed his plate from dinner, shoving it into my stomach. "Eeeeee-t". Let's not get too excited, he only wanted cocoa peanut butter on his toast, but it's the clear communication that I love.

"Will!!! Come upstairs! It's time for bed" I scream from the top of the basement stairs. "You're all done on the computer in five-four-three..." "Ooo, un!!" I hear Will finish as he scrambles up the stairs to greet me. He takes my hand and starts leading me up the stairs to his room, then suddenly runs back to bolt for the basement door again. "Will.. it's time to go to bed" (thinking he's headed back for the computer). "Get Pooh", says Will. Wow, says I. I let him go and stood there for a few seconds until Will rejoined me with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger in hand, all on our way to bed. Amazing.

While putting Will to bed, I get an email message on my blackberry. It's from Jacob and it reads "plan" in the subject line. Here's what it said:

hers the plan we draw four 10 minits we put the brothers to bed then il give you my secrit snak.i get redy for bed we read a dos that sond.

My kids rock. They really do. Having a proud mommy moment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think Jake's plan is the sweetest thing I have ever read! (And I love that it was an email to your Blackberry. LOL!)

The boys progress sounds wonderful. Owen asking to eat? Will running not to the computer but to get
Pooh (and tell you!) What an amazing job you are doing. You totally deserve that proud Mommy moment :D


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