Friday, September 19, 2008

Mattie the White & Snow Geese

She's getting old. Poor Matilda is aging before our eyes. Hard to believe she's the same pup who darted and sprinted and could jump up to your lap. These days she's more content to sleep on a pillow, always with her head raised up on something because the rolls of fat around her neck make it hard for her to breathe. Poor Sausage.

We've been walking every morning and night to the river and it's been so great for both of us. Having my grandmother here gives me the mini break I need to go for the walk while she watches the boys. Having the Bow River at my doorstep is such a gift. It's the perfect destination for a short little walk and I've been having a lot of fun checking out the the 'wildlife'. The other night, Jake and I hung out on the rocky beach with a couple of guys who were fly fishing. We were stared down by a huge beaver, about 15 ft. away from us in the water, who was content just chewing on a stick as if it was corn on a cob. This morning I remembered to bring my camera and caught a couple of pictures of the last remaining pelicans who haven't yet flown south. Grandad Brian saw them a while back and mistook for them for snow geese.

I'm hoping that with the upcoming change in season I'll still manage to get out for that walk, because I'm relying on it more and more for a mental break. I'm also relying on it for the dose of Mother Nature that I'm getting, with the changing colours (yup! it's autumn here in Calgary!) and the view of the mountains. Besides, I think Mattie has turned a corner. I noticed this morning that her snorting no longer sounded like a tank engine, so I think her cardio is improving.


alice said...

these photos are amazing, I love the sparkles by the pelican

Stacey said...

Sure, Alice. Spoken from Ms. Nature Photographer herself!!!

Anonymous said...

Matida looks so cute, nice picture Stacey, better than silly birds.

Anonymous said...

no more posts?!?! :(

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