Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tooth and Tears

Another milestone for me today. My baby, my firstborn, my little man.. he's one step closer to not being so little anymore. Jacob's had a loose tooth since August. His hanging on to a tooth that has long been ready to let go, is much like his mom's desire to hang on to her little boy's last precious moments of childhood. So what if he gets his drama for me. I love him for it. And my heart broke when he started to bawl his eyes out when that tooth fell out.

Almost got it...

Growing up isn't all it's cut out to be

Jonathan reminded us of early days when Jacob was just an infant with his gummy smile. We told Jake how his Mom and Dad would check his gums everyday with the pad of our thumbs to see if the first tooth was ready to poke its way through. I think Jake got a kick out of hearing how excited we once were just to see a first tooth! It made me realize how quickly the time has gone. So when Jake cried real tears and said "I don't want it to go. I don't want to get bigger. I'm gonna look awful!", I tried to console him like any parent would and tell him that his fears were unfounded. But really I wanted to say "You have every reason to cry! It goes by so fast! Hang on to every minute!"

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Anonymous said...

The suspense was killing me!! (Even though I knew what was going to happen :P) How great that you got it on tape :)

(Sorry you were both sad about growing up, though.)


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