Sunday, November 04, 2007

Twinkletoes, Plexiglass & a Sport Jonathan Sucks At

So we copied Lisa, Owen and Ella. A couple of weeks ago they tried out bowling for the first time and I was jealous. Jealous that I hadn't thought of it first for an activity for our guys. So we tried it out yesterday and I'd say it was a success.

We were lucky enough to have Erin join us as well. Erin was the boys' senior therapist up until August, when she moved to Edmonton to pursue her education in occupational therapy. She's back in town for a bit and it's been so nice to see her for fun visits and not just to 'put the boys to work'.

Saturdays are a busy day for us. Jake has dance in the mornings, Owen goes to music class (where he joins his friend Eric), Daddy usually has a Liverpool FC game to watch (and cry over). Will gets to chill out with whoever is left over. Yesterday after picking Jacob up from dance while Jonathan and Owen were at music, I took Will and Jake to a Christmas craft fair. Christmas already??!!!! There are a lot of things little boys shouldn't touch at a Christmas craft fair. What a challenge. Afterwards, we spent an hour at the playground. It's worth noting that Owen and Will can both independently sit on a 'big-kid' swing and hold on by themselves!! It's a good thing, because they are getting too big to sit on our laps. Back to bowling.

The kids were so excited in the beginning. Owen quickly seemed to understand how it all worked, as he enjoyed bowling at home with the plastic set we have. He understood the sequence of picking a ball, standing at the line, then watching the ball go down the lane until it went out of sight (often in the gutter, but not always!). Will on the other hand.. his first try he sprinted down the lane to chase after the ball. He was too quick for dad and he managed to crash through the plexiglass barrier (that you might be able to see if you look hard enough in the picture). There was a huge crash. The place went silent. Will started to cry, then Owen got mad and cried at Will. Fun times. It didn't ruin our fun, but I think Will's interest waned a bit afterwards now that he realized he couldn't run. I brought Will's MP3 Player, so he was pretty cool, listening to music on the bench.

Jake was a superstar. He bowled a couple of strikes (too bad for him, one of them was played in my turn by accident).

Erin's "strike" face

The best part of the whole day was that Jonathan stinks at bowling. Am I cruel to say this? Nah. He knows it. And I love it. There was a point during our game when he realized that I was beating him. He gets the ball and switches it to his left hand (he's right-handed). He makes a big production out of announcing that he's going to bowl with his left. Now I know Jonathan. He is the most competitive person I know. Losing to his wife is probably the biggest stab to the heart he can endure. So when he tells me that he's going to bowl left-handed I know a set-up when I see one. So the next time you talk to him and make fun of him for losing to his wife and he says "but I bowled a few frames with my left hand".. remember that he was losing BEFORE he resorted to such weeny tactics.

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