Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mr. Guy Smiley

What a difference a little nutrition makes. Owen has come alive this past month. His personality is bursting through and he is full of smiles and a new energy and desire to learn that we haven't seen before. It makes sense. Can any of us even imagine how it must have been for him to constantly feel hungry? When your belly is full of nothing but liquid (milk) all the time, I can just imagine the growling, the achiness and the lethargy that comes with being so hungry. Since Owen's feeding program has proven to be so successful, Owen's little belly is growing, his sunken cheeks have filled in and there is a new light in his eyes.

Check out my smiling little man now:

It is amazing to see how happy and engaged Owen is in this video, but I am equally as happy and proud to see how wonderful his big brother Jake is with him.

riding piggy-back

Owen with his Nonna

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