Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Things Jake Says

The kid cracks me up. Today we drove into the mountains and went for an amazing little hike around Johnson Lake. Johnson Lake is in Backcountry Banff and is right near the Minnewanka interchange off the TransCanada, right before you head into the town. But this isn't about where we went. I'll get to that later. So before we went on our little hike, we stopped to read an information sign/display that showed pictures of points of interest about the area. Jake was especially preoccupied with the pictures from a fire that occurred in the area in 2003.
Jake on top of the hoodoos, overlooking the TransCanada Hwy, facing East towards Canmore

As we were hiking up one of the trails, Jake turns to me and says "Mom. Did anyone die when there was the fire?" and I replied that I wasn't sure because I hadn't read the sign. Jake stopped in his tracks and says to me "MOM! Didn't anyone tell you that you're supposed to read the fine print!!!"

He's pretty good at making me feel like an idiot. But because he makes me laugh at the same time, it's all good.

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