Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring is in the Air - Easter on the Brain

It is difficult to be motivated to get on the computer to blog when it has been so nice outside lately. Calgary has finally had a dose of spring. Sweet revenge after having to deal with snow while Ontario went through their mini heat-wave. The birds are in full force in our backyard, their singing wakes me up every morning before 5am, but I don't mind. What I do mind, however, is how our longer days are affecting Will's sleeping habits. It's nearly 9:30pm and it's still fairly light out. Will is still up. I suppose it's better than a 1 or 2am wake-up, but it has messed up our schedule. As the nights will take longer and longer to darken, I anticipate that Will will take longer and longer to fall asleep. Oh well. That's a whole other blog topic.

This dose of spring weather has me feeling like it's time that I hurry up and post our stuff from Easter. So this is Easter Sunday, part 2.

(Sorry about the smudge on my camera lens) Owen M. loves posing for my camera

Lisa, Craig, Owen & Ella enjoyed us for a lovely day. We sent the men to hide some pre-stuffed plastic Easter eggs in the playground (5 doors down). Each of the kids had their own pre-determined colour of egg to search for, not that they followed the rules and the idea was that the colour-specific eggs were also specifically filled with stuff that each child preferred. Our Owen, for example, does not eat candy so his egg was filled with cotton balls, feathers and the like - all things that appeal to him.

I wish I had taken a photo of Owen holding Greg's hand as we walked to the playground. Owen really seems to love Greg and it's really sweet to watch.

We were joined by Sally and Greg, who arrived with a bag of springtime goodies - perfect gifts for Easter. Sidewalk chalk, kites and bubbles. You can see that the bubbles were a hit.

Jake's friend Kirkland happened to be at the park with his little sister and father, as were our next door neighbours and their little granddaughter. It made our time at the playground that much more fun.

Little Miss Ella-Belle is a smart girl - she already has the boys working for her!

Truth be told, the eggs were fun but weren't nearly as appealing as the swings or the slide. Will is always a worry when he's near the swings. He likes to play a little unconventionally.

There is a lesson to be learned after a day like this. Kids don't need lots of gifts or loads of candy to enjoy a holiday. A day in the playground under the shining sun is enough to give them a memory that they won't soon forget.

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stephf76 said...

Willie looks soooooooo tall!!!!

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