Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Entertaining the Boys & Reinforcers

One of Owen's biggest reinforcers is to watch video clips on the computer. A reinforcer is a 'reward' that the boys choose when they have successfully accomplished a task. The computer is also one of the boys' options to choose as an activity from their selection of pictures in their PECS books. Quite often, it's Owen's choice 100% of the time. He prefers for us to go to the blog so that he can look at the pictures of his friends and family. Because blogger allows labels to be added to each individual post, it is very convenient for us to simply select 'video' on the left hand side of the blog, so that all of the individual posts which contain a video will be listed on one page.

So I figured that I'm going to start adding a lot more video clips that will appeal to the boys as well. Sorry for all of you who can't handle any more Sesame St. or The Wiggles. But in the words of one Brian Fuller... "how do you think I feel?"

This is the original closing credits to Sharon, Lois & Bram's "The Elephant Show" (1986):

A scene from our (Auntie Boom & my) favourite movie, Follow That Bird:

1 comment:

stephf76 said...

"Ain't no mountain you can't cliiiiiiiiiiiimb...Hang on tight! Just make up your miiiiiiiiind...."

Is it sad that I sang along to that entire clip??

You should have posted...

"It's gonna be an eaaaaasy going....we'll laugh our carrrres away...on this eaaaaaassssssssy going....easy going daaaaaaay"

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