Friday, January 05, 2007


I feel like such a bad mom. I've had Jake's Christmas concert posted for quite a while, but haven't yet done the same for his brothers. The nursery school held their Christmas Concert on December 21st. We all dressed up for the occasion and you could tell that Owen and Will were even excited leading up to their big performance. Grandma & Aunt Sally were our special guests and we were so happy to have someone there to share it with us. As you watch the many videos, I apologize for my brutal voice-overs but I honestly couldn't contain myself. I'm surprised that the camera held steady at all because I was blubbering so pathetically!

Jake behaved beautifully and sat alongside his friend, Ella to watch the show. **Please note that dressing our kids up in the same outfits as Owen and Ella was accidental. Lisa and I shopped together, but we didn't plan on dressing them the same that night! -Oh well, it made for cute pictures.

Here's what you've all been waiting for... the fabulous reindeer twins!

Aptly-named Owen as "Cupid" and Will as "Dasher"

"It's Time to Say Hello!"

"Will - S.A.N.T.A."

"our Owen - S.A.N.T.A."

"our friend Owen M. - S.A.N.T.A."

Cupid and Dasher make a dramatic exit on their sled

Owen is thrilled to be the center of all the attention!

"our friend Harry as Rudolph... check out his moves"

"take a bow, boys!"

There are still more videos to come, but I haven't yet uploaded them all. Can you understand why we are so excited?! The nursery school put in many, many hours of practice and it showed. It really felt like a magical night. The staff had invited their own families and friends and I think that it made the evening that much more special. To know that they were proud of what they had achieved, and wanted to share our boys with them, made me very happy. The extra people provided the perfect audience for all four boys to "turn it on" for them.

It's an amazing thing to see Harrison, Owen M., our Owen and Will, find such joy in watching other people's happiness in the form of their applause. There is no shyness, no ego, no stage fright. It's simply "do I wanna, or don't I" and fortunately for us, they not only wanted to put on a great show, but they were thrilled to be doing it.
I have taken such joy in having my three sons. There are moments when your heart feels like it might burst because you are so overcome with how happy you are and this night was one of them. One look at Owen and Will's faces when they leapt to their feet to clap for themselves or their classmates, was a glimpse into pure innocent joy and it's another reminder of how lucky we are to have these kids.

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