Sunday, January 07, 2007

Snow Cake & Autism

Over the holidays, Carol, Sally and I were lucky enough to have a night out at Calgary's Uptown Theatre to catch a viewing of Snow Cake. I hadn't heard much about it, but once I did.. I read up on it right away and was interested to see what it was about. Any film that shows a depiction of autism appeals to my interest and the story of a woman with autism who is herself a mother, really had me curious to see how it would be portrayed.

I personally thought the movie was wonderful. It's not your box-office draw and is quite simple in its story. If you're up for an art-house comedy drama that might offer you some insight into the world of autism, you'll also get your money's worth in seeing Alan Rickman's performance. I really thought it was worth seeing. Check out some of the info I found on the web:

"Sigourney Weaver hopes film will offer fresh autism insight ..."
(Source: - Hereford,Herefordshire,UK)

"Snow Cake: Rickman Takes This Cake ..."
(Source: - Toronto,ON,Canada)

There were certain parts in the movie that had me nearly sobbing out loud, but given my emotional involvement in the story, I'm sure not everyone will be so distraught. It really leaves you feeling good about the world and about people. Please check it out.

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mcewen said...

It's on my list too. We've not managed to get there yet [baby sitters are always hard to come by] but now that we have TIVO it's probably just a matter of being patient - never one of my strong suits.
Glad you managed some 'time out.'
Best wishes

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