Saturday, October 14, 2006

Look Who's Talking!!!

So much has happened for us to celebrate in the last couple of months. Our support aide, Erin, the preschool teachers (Pam, Erin and Courtney) and Diane have worked so hard at teaching the boys imitation which has led to both of them vocalising a whole range of sounds. Not only are they making sounds (consonant and vowel sounds), but they are using them to make requests.

Owen says "uh, uh" for "up", "aww" for "bottle", and "mmm for milk". It may not sound like much, but we couldn't drag a sound out of him (when prompted), no matter how hard we tried. He now understands that these sounds are a form of communication and we are on the right track!!

Will, on the other hand, is taking right off in the babbling department. While Diane was still here, she spent countless hours with the boys and the reward was great. Will said his first word in September and shocked us all by saying "bottle". It was soon followed by "tickle", "more", "bye-bye", "poo-poo" (blame Jonathan for that one), "ball", "papa", etc. He gets lazy with it, but we know he's capable. He is currently imitating our intonation, more than the actual letter sounds, but he's working at it. One of Jonathan's favourite games with him is to count to 5 on his fingers. Will anticipates each number as the finger pops up and repeats each number.

I am sure that by this time next year we'll have a new vocabulary to brag about!

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