Monday, August 07, 2006

While We Were Gone...

While we were doing the drive to Alberta, Owen and Will were well taken care of with Diane back home. We were so fortunate that Diane and her family were gracious enough to welcome the boys into their home for a long 9 days... Owen and Will were able to maintain some sense of normalcy by continuing their therapy every day and Diane was sure to fit in lots of visits with family and friends before the boys joined us in Calgary.

Thanks to Diane, we'll probably have to find a way to buy a piano for our new house to continue Owen's passion for tickling the ivories

Will the Water Bug loved every minute in Diane's pool and impressed everyone with his manic swimming efforts. We've got a future Olympic medalist in our family! Poppa's proud that one of his grandsons have inherited something from him other than his height!

Owen's fear of the water is gradually reducing. He especially loves sitting on the edge of the water.

Jonathan and Greg flew from Calgary back to Toronto on Friday the 21st, after successfully unloading the truck of all of our life's possessions. Thanks to Kurt, a friend of my Uncle Tom's who recently moved to Calgary and his cousin, the unloading of the truck went much more quickly than we thought it would. We owe Kurt a meal as soon as we buy a new bbq to replace the one we forgot behind in Ontario!

Jonathan spent the afternoon with Granny and Grandad before reuniting with Owen and Will at Diane's house. Diane's family (again) impressed us with their kindness and welcomed a whack of people to their home as everyone spent some final moments with the boys. Nonna, Poppa, Gamma, Great Grandad and Grandma were all on hand to watch the boys show off their new skills in the pool and in the backyard.

Bronwyn joined the boys and off they all went to the airport. We had planned for weeks to prepare the boys for the flight: a visit to the doctor to discuss Gravol and how we could best 'relax' the boys, the purchase of new carseats that were permissible on the plane to keep the boys contained and comfortable, conditioning the boys to using earphones so they could be distracted with music and the audio to watch tv, timing the flight so that they could sleep on the flight... all to no avail. I wasn't there so I can't speak firsthand of the experience. But from the shrieking that tore through Calgary Airport and from the looks on the faces of an exhausted Jonathan and Bronwyn, it was obvious that it probably the worst flight that they have ever experienced and one that the other passengers will never forget. Let's move on to something more pleasant...

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