Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jake Wants for Nothing

Jake has been a lucky boy this summer. Let's see... so far since March he has been to the Science Centre (Toronto), the CN Tower - both courtesy of Auntie Boom, the Metro Zoo, the cottage with Bumpy, a trip on the GO Train to a Blue Jays' game at the Rogers Centre with Dad's class, another GO Train ride to Ontario Place with Grandma, the Circus! with Nonna and Pop (with friend, Kyle), sleepovers at Granny and Grandads, a trip across Canada to Alberta (some might think this was torture and not a fun thing), a day in Lake Louise and Banff complete with gondola rides and views from mountain tops, the Calgary Zoo, a dozen trips to the wave pool, days spent on the beach at the lake and last, but not least, two days spent in the infamous West Emonton Mall. Can you say spoiled???? I'll have to make sure that I frame this blog entry and hang it on his wall to remind him that he has never been neglected. :)

Jake on a ride in Galaxyland at the West Edmonton Mall
Jake has been doing pretty well so far with the move. Everyone would say to me, "he's at the perfect age for a move like this, he will adjust fine. Kids that age don't really notice a change like that." Well, for whoever said this to me.. I think you forgot to consider that Jake is not your typical five year old. Some days I'd swear he's already a hormonal teenager. We are very fortunate that it's so easy to communicate with him and things can be explained and rationalised in most circumstances, so that he understands what is going on. But the change has definitely affected him. The first couple of weeks were rough because he so dearly wanted to make some friends. Unfortunately, we live on a street that seems to have a lot of older families, so there are very few kids about. The neighbourhood itself and outside of our street is filled with kids, so it is just a matter of getting out there and meeting people. Which is exactly what Jake and Diane did last week on a walk after dinner. They met a little boy named Sam who is the same age as Jake! His mom was thrilled to know that there would be another little boy living nearby because she is afraid that because Sam only has his little sister and other little girls to play with, Sam's interests seem to be in girl things. Diane was quick to assure her that Sam and Jake would get along just fine. :)

Jake showing off his gifts sent from Emily and Dana

Jake monkeying around at our nearby playground

Jake is not looking forward to going to school in a couple of weeks, but I think it's a case of being afraid of the unknown. I personally think he'll enjoy kindergarten here even more than he did back home. Out here there isn't a Junior Kindergarten.. there is only one, so Jake will have the advantage over the other kids, of having already learned the routines of school. The other difference will be that in Ontario, he was attending full day kindergarten, 2 or 3 days a week, but here, it will only be 2 1/2 hours a day/every day. He will also be attending French Immersion and I think he's going to rise to the challenge. I am constantly amazed at how intelligent and quick Jake is at learning new things (sign language for instance) that I am positive he's going to thrive. I'll try not to embarrass him as my Mom embarrassed me, by making him sing Oh Canada in French for everyone to hear, but I am sure that I will be bragging a little bit...

Jake trying to get close to what we call a gopher, but what Albertans simply call "pests" or ground squirrels.

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Nice green Crocs, Jacob!!

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