Monday, June 26, 2006

Waterbugs & Carnival Rides

Just a quick update on what we've been up to. Our days have been a lot fuller lately as we try to cram in as much quality time as we can, doing things around town and visiting with people before we move away. This weekend was pretty fun. Saturday was the 50's Festival Sidewalk Sale in town (gotta love small towns!) and we took the kids into town to take in all the sights and sounds. There wasn't much going on, but it was still nice to be outside in the beautiful weather. Owen and Will are so good riding in the wagon now. It sure makes for a good picture. :)
Diane was the poor sucker who got forced into going on the rides with Jake and his Mom and Dad wussed out. I couldn't help but laugh while watching them because Jake couldn't stop grinning. Jake claimed that the ride pictured below "scared me so much that I think my heart came out of my stomach".
Saturday afternoon, Diane entertained the kids while Jonathan and I puttered around the house. Packing and paperwork--so much fun. The boys have been real waterbugs since the weather has warmed up. All free time has mostly been spent in the backyard, sliding down the slide into the kiddie pool and sometimes, even getting a dip in the neighbour's pool or Diane's. Jake loves it and has gained a lot of confidence in the water and Owen and Will amaze us with how much they have taken to it as well. Will loves to be thrown in the air and dunked, only to come back up for air spouting and spitting, then signing the word for "more". Owen likes to bob around in his lifejacket and do his own thing. For some reason, Owen has recently seemed to develop a fear in the bigger pools. It doesn't surprise me, as Owen does have the tendency to 'go off' of things he used to love, but we're not really sure what triggered it. On Saturday, Jonathan tried bringing him to the neighbour's pool and I could hear his screaming from inside my house. Diane tells me that today, she had a difficult time even getting Owen into our own backyard, because he could SEE the pool next door. I feel so bad for O since he can't verbalize his fears. We'll keep working on it and keep you posted.

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