Sunday, June 04, 2006

Please Cry For Me

Things have been changing in our household. It's been subtle, but it's happening.
When I stop to think about it, I put myself back in time to maybe six months back. I do this thing where I visualize a time in my memory where me and the kids were sitting in the same place as we are in this moment and I try to remember how they were then, and how they are now. Sometimes I don't see a difference. But lately, on a daily basis, I see changes every single day.

Six months ago I could leave the house unnoticed. I would have to physically approach each of the boys, place my hands on their shoulders and turn their heads to face me so I could say "I love you. I'll be home soon, goodbye". Their response would be to push me out of their way so they could go on with what they had been doing. Sometimes I would get a little sideways glance of acknowledgment. Thank goodness for Jake or my Mom Ego would be shattered. I could always count on the huge hug and kiss with the wave at the window from Jacob as I drove away. But The Brothers couldn't have cared less, or so it appeared.

Last night Jonathan and I went out for some dinner (Thai) and a movie (The Break-Up). Both of the twins ran to the door as I was leaving. I hugged and kissed them both, said goodbye and had to peel their hands off of me as I snuck out the door. Seeing Owen wailing in the window as I drove away was a scene that I will tuck away in my memory box of proud moments. It sounds crazy to most, it might make me sound like a mean mom to want my child to cry for me, but I loved it. Owen cares. He's aware. He feels. He loves us. I know he always has, but now he can show it. And I'm thrilled.

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