Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mom's Day Tea Times 3

I'm backtracking as usual. But there's no better time than the present to pop in a quick post about stuff that happened two weeks ago - right?

Let's start with the Mother's Day Teas. When I was a kid, I don't remember my school ever having special days where we got to invite our parents into our classroom for special holidays where we got to show off our talents and present them with homemade gifts. Do you? I'm not complaining. This is my year that I got to wear the "Mom of school kids" hat and I have enjoyed every visit into both Owen & Will's nursery school classroom and Jake's kindergarten classroom.
For Mother's Day, the nursery school invited all of the moms in for a tea. The best part for me was watching all of the kids' faces when they realized that their moms had crossed over into their territory. They almost seemed confused that their moms could even exist in their little lives where only other 3 year olds and teachers lived from 9 until 11:30 every morning. Will and Owen were both excited to see me. They were a little upset at first because I think that they thought I was coming to pick them up early and they clearly don't like their routine disturbed. But once they realized they were staying, it was all smiles. I actually got to participate in two teas for the "Brothers" because they are the only kids that are in both nursery school groups (Monday/Wednesday & Tuesday/Thursday groups). On the second day, I brought my Grandmother with me. The boys didn't really want much to do with sitting at the table, especially since they refuse to eat anything that was offered. Lucky for us, the teachers brought along the ever-reliable Nutrigrain bars and that kept them happy. A couple of songs were sung by the class; neither of the boys really participated, but the teachers tried to get them involved. The cutest part of the day were the gifts that were distributed to the moms. Each child particpated in the making of it. Here is one of the placemats that I received.. They also made bookmarks that had the kids photos of them. Momentos that I am so afraid I won't manage to keep safely in the years to come, but I'll do my best.

Jake's class also did a great job of putting on a little show for all of the moms. They sang a total of three songs for us, "Five Green and Speckled Frogs", "I'm a little tea-pot" and "Glub, Glub went the little green frog". Jake seemed to have a bit of stage fright and was so cute to watch. It's so out of character for him to not sing with animation. After their performance, the kids brought us gifts that they

had grown and made themselves: homemade cookies, tea pot cards with a bag of tea and bean plants in decorated pots. You couldn't ask for better gifts for Mother's Day than to know your children made them themselves.

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