Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Five makes me feel very interesting"

Five years ago today, we were introduced to a little boy with a great set of lungs, long spindly arms and legs and whose presence brought most of us to tears. As I laid in my hospital bed and the doctor yelled "It's a boy!" I heard a cheer arise through the curtain that separated us from our family who had gathered to wait for the news. I will never forget the look on my husband's, parents', sister's and in-laws' faces as they held Jake for the first time. I was already used to him, we had been friends for more than 9 months already. But for those who hadn't met him yet, holding him in their arms for the first time brought each of them to tears and put smiles on their faces that have never disappeared in every meeting with Jake since.

Our boys have been a blessing to our families. They are a gift. As each day passes and we go through all of the challenges of raising kids, it's easy to get caught up in the rythm of just getting by. It's sometimes hard to remember that we need to slow down, to absorb every minute as they grow from little babies, to little boys, to little men.

Sometimes I'll be in the room with Jake as he creates a story with his puppets, stuffed animals and little friends. I'll hear his voice and it is white noise; almost an irritant as we're trying to get on with what we're doing. But when I stop to listen, I really hear him. Jake has an imagination that surpasses any child's I have ever met. He has an intelligence that surprises me and fills me with pride every single day. He has an intuitive sense that allows him to be compassionate and understanding. And he has a heart, a smile and a hug that melts my heart.

Jacob is five today. As I woke him up to get him ready for school this morning, he said to me "Mommy. I feel very interesting. You know when I try to explain to you that I feel interesting? But I don't know why I feel interesting. I'm five today, but it doesn't feel different, but it does. Five makes me feel very interesting."

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