Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cookie Monster, Monkeys and Bears.. oh my!

In honour of April being the Autism month at a Build-a-Bear, Jake and I invited Emily to spend an evening with us last week to thank her for everything that she does for the boys. For those of you who don't know about this store, it really is quite the money-maker and the kids (and grown-ups) love it. First, you choose from a selection of un-stuffed bears or characters, then you select an audio/sound box to put inside, then you stuff it, you insert a heart (after you've made a wish on it and gave it a kiss), it gets stitched up, fluffed up under a dryer then you're free to choose from the mass selection of clothing and accessories.

I made the feature bear with proceeds going to the Autism Speaks foundation, Jake made a chick and dressed her like Tinkerbell (the girls who worked there thought he was adorable for only wanting to look at the pretty clothes), Emily also made the purple feature bear and dressed it in bedtime clothes and together we all made a cookie monster named "Cookie-Willy" for Will and a monkey named "Monkey-Ow" for Owen.

The twins may not have cared about the stuffed animals when we brought them home, but we know they will appreciate them someday.

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