Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tummy Upset

It happened. We picked the twins up from therapy on Wednesday and Will had just thrown up. Owen followed this morning. It's terrible when you know that they feel so desperately miserable and they have no way of communicating it to you. They don't understand what the bucket is for either, so it makes for lots of messy clean-up. Poor Owen especially. He's got nothing to him weight-wise and being anemic, you know that his immune system is terrible. When he gets something like the stomach flu, he just has no fight in him; he's listless and just whimpers. It breaks my heart. But already by nighttime they are feeling better. So far Jake is safe, so I really hope it stays away, especially with so much going on this weekend. The twins will have to stay home from nursery school tomorrow (Health Guidelines), but they will be going to therapy in the afternoon if they are doing okay. Then there is nothing until Tuesday.

Today I noticed some pretty great things in Will. He was really using the sound/word "Mom" appropriately all day long. If I left the room, he would wander looking for me while saying it. Woohoo! Then I heard him making the "go, go, go" sound. This is particularly impressive, not just because it's a brand new sound, but because he is repeating it after me on cue. He is really mimicking a lot lately at appropriate times. I can really envision him being a chatterbox once he gets going. Tonight Jonathan and I snuck away for dinner with Ian and Jenny and Diane was here watching them. She told us that when she checked on Will after he had been put to bed, she found him completely naked just sitting in the middle of his bed. Little bugger. This better not be a new phase, because the ones in the past have always been messy ones.

I haven't heard a peep out of anyone for the last little while, so we hope that the flu has passed us by. Hope everyone else out there is feeling healthy! Good night.

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