Monday, April 10, 2006

Puddles, Bikes and Farm Boys

Let's keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow's update isn't all about feeding the boys Gravol, because Mum just got through a doozy of a weekend.. it was reminiscent of the Norwalk Virus. Yuck. Hopefully the boys miss this one.

The weekend started off fun. We had a lot of rain on Friday and Will came home from 'school' (therapy) with a different pair of pants than I sent him in with (what else is new). We know that when there's rain, there's puddles and Will's in 'em! He LOVES jumping in them. Not just stepping in them, but a great two-foot splash that soaks everything and everyone around. No matter how much we dread the clean-up afterwards, you can't help but love watching how happy he is in the moment.

Saturday morning Nonna and Poppa picked Jake up for his last soccer game. He was awarded a medal and a certificate and Jake was so proud. I don't think he could give a hoot about soccer.. but the medal was pretty cool. Diane came over to be with Owen and Will while we all visited Canadian Tire to buy Jake his new bike! We couldn't find him a shiny green one with a basket, but he got a spiffy red one with a bag on the front as a compromise. Topped off with a matching helmet and a bell. We spent about an hour practicing and the biggest challenge is convincing Jake that it's going to take practice now that he doesn't have training wheels. After the usual "everything is going wrong! this bike isn't working!" Jake at least finally got the lesson that you have to put down your foot when you're about to fall. We'll keep at it.

Owen and Will enjoyed some time at the park and a ride in the wagon. I met them down the street as they were coming back from the playground. It's the little things that make me so proud-- Owen and Will were both so happy to see me that they hopped out of the wagon and walked with me the rest of the way home. What is so exciting about this is that there was a time when you couldn't tie their hands to ours, they squirmed and fought us off, or they would run away at their first opportunity. Now we can actually take a walk together and it's wonderfully normal. Except for the part where Will spotted a dirty mud puddle and not only did he jump in it, but he bent down and tried to drink out of it as well.....

The weekend was really about Jake. He was lucky enough to go for a sleepover at the Farm and it was tied in nicely for Uncle Ian's birthday! Ian's niece and nephews were there as well and they had a blast riding the llama, looking for bugs in the creek and just getting dirty. Jake came home Sunday night having made new friends, stinkin' of manure and sporting a bit of a sunburn as proof that he's a real farmer.

Sunday night Dad let Mom sleep away the flu and he took Owen and Will to the farm to meet up with Jake and join the family for Uncle Ian's birthday dinner. Dinners like these are surely going to be one of the things our family will miss most when we move away. :(

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