Thursday, April 06, 2006

Please Sleep

I'm going to try to remember to do this every time.. but when I am writing as a journal entry, I will write it in this colour. When it is a linked article or announcement from the autism community, I will keep it in white text.

So it's just after 8pm and the twins are still awake. It's not exactly late, but it is 2 hours later than their normal bedtime. This time change has really messed us up. This morning they were both up at 4:30 and we think they've been awake ever since. Late bedtimes + lack of sleep = tantrums, tantrums, tantrums. Not fun. The boys had a really good day at school (nursery & therapy) today. There isn't a heck of lot to say about it. I received a new update from the therapists and I will post it after this one.

We were supposed to have a Circle Support meeting, but had to cancel it because not enough people could make it. Instead, Krystyn came over and watched the kids for a couple of hours and Jonathan and I grabbed dins at the pub. It was nice.

Jake is home with me tomorrow so I might take him out to buy a new bicycle. He had no interest in them at all last summer, he only wanted to play in the baby push-car thingy. His Nonna and Pop finally got him up on a proper two-wheeler with training wheels at the end of the summer, but he's already out-grown the little bike. I noticed that his classmates are riding without the training wheels, so we've got to catch Jake up! We went out a couple of weeks ago for a walk along the creek and Jake rode the whole way and loved it. It was pretty pitiful to see his big ole' knees knocking the handlebars though. It would be sweet if we could get Owen and Will to understand the concept of keeping their feet on the pedals of their little push bikes. We'll have to keep working on it.

The kids are still eating terribly and it is stressing me right out. Right now Will's only food interest is Cheddar Sun Chips. He could (would) eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have got to come up with a plan soon. I've got a couple of books on the subject of non-eaters and ASD, but just haven't had time to read it. I'm going to try. Add that to the ever-growing to-do list.

I'm going to go dig up the update sheet from the therapists to post next. G'night all!

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