Monday, April 17, 2006

Long Easter

Where to start? It's been a long weekend.
Saturday - Diane came over to help out with Owen and Will. By the end of the day, I think she could finally see what we were talking about and acknowledged that the tantrums have definitely increased. I think it's the first time that Diane has admitted that it could be stressful. She didn't have any success with feeding the boys either.. they just won't eat anything!!! Will is definitely losing weight and it's getting me so frustrated. I'm hoping that it's just another phase. First thing that morning, Diane and Dad took the kids downtown for a mini Easter Egg Hunt and to get their pic with the Easter Bunny. Uncle Ian and Aunt Jenny were the photographers at the event. I don't think they had much success with getting the picture, but they did their best. Saturday morning I went to meet with a wonderful woman named Mary Ann, along with our adopted extended family.. Dana and Emily. Before I continue with the reason for our meeting, I have to announce that Emily is a little wonderwoman. Ever since she learned about the boys' challenges with their diagnosis, she has been extraordinarily thoughtful towards them. We were really all strangers before they were diagnosed, but Emily, along with Dana-one of our family's fairy godmothers, have made a commitment to our boys and have come to the house regularly just to help out and get to know the boys. Not only has Emily been a major help in most of our fundraisers , but she is also solely responsible for raising over $300 for the boys!!! Emily and her sister Lindsay started their own project called Beadie Buddies and they've made earrings, bracelets, keychains, etc. all on their own and have sold them everywhere just to raise money for the kids. Emily is only 11 years old!!! I don't think she realizes how amazing it really is, this thing she is doing. Now back to the reason for my meeting with Mary Ann. She has created a program of books called Grandma Henkel and its intent is to help the boys learn to speak. It's an incredible work that she has put together and we are anxious to get started with the boys. It's especially fun because it is something that Jake will be able to participate in as well. I will keep the blog updated on whether or not we have success with it. Mary Ann's passion for education and her compassion for the boys' challenges made my meeting with her one that I won't forget.
There are so many people who have randomly made an impact on the lives of all of my kids and there really isn't a way that we can properly thank them, nor is there a way for us to express how much their kindness has played a role in creating a better future for our family. I keep thinking that the one way we can say thank you is to persevere and with our move to Calgary, we will overcome all of the challenges that we have had up to here and create a new and wonderful life for ourselves. Our boys' happiness will be the proof that everyone's contributions (of kindness, well wishes, donations, support, etc.) was worth it.
While I was at my meeting, Jake was with Dad at a party for his soccer team. Coach Christie put it together and the kids (with parents) played some bowling (with the gutter guards). The gutter guards are Dad's excuse for why Jake nearly beat him. haha! I love it when we find sports that Dad's not good at! Jake and I finished the day off by decorating eggs. It was a lot of fun and Jake actually got through a whole activity without complaining about anything! ;)
Sunday - The Easter Bunny was at our house! Jake was up bright and early, ready to hunt for eggs and we must give him kudos for having the patience to wait until Will got up. The wait wasn't worth it, because Will had no interest whatsoever in looking for eggs. I have to admit that I felt pretty disappointed. I didn't expect Owen to care or notice that there was a holiday happening, but I kind of thought that Will might get into picking up the sparkly foil wrapped eggs. We know he enjoys eating what's inside, but he really didn't give a hoot about the searching part. Owen's reaction to the day was 0% different than how he treats every other day. Everyone keeps telling me that next year will be the year that the twins will have a better understanding about holidays and the excitement that surrounds them.. I'm really hoping. Because it's really hard to involve them, especially when Jake is the only person that is excited. Dad woke up with his turn at dealing with the stomach flu, so he was pretty much out of commission for most of the day. We weren't able to get to church because of it. I spent the day in the kitchen and we had Grandma Wendy and Grandad Brian over for a non-traditional Easter dinner. No ham for us! But we did enjoy some butterfly pork chops and homemade coleslaw. Jake also helped me bake some carrot cupcakes. The dinner was really nice and for me, the knowledge that this will be our last holiday in Ontario did not go unnoticed. I felt a little sad that we weren't able to get everyone together. But there was good news to come on Monday...
Monday - Auntie Boom passed her second-last exam in training for her new job with the airline! She's a week away from flying her first flight. We're excited for her (and for us). Nonna and Pop caught us as we were pulling out of our driveway today, on our way out to find something fun to do. They just got back from their weekend in Ottawa and it sounds like they had a good time. They brought over some Easter treats for the boys (Mom and Dad will try to keep away from them). After much indecision, we decided to go to the Cobourg Beach to fly a kite and take a walk on their boardwalk. It was a gorgeous day and the perfect time of year when the beach isn't crowded and there was lots of room to fly the kite. Both of the twins have such a hard time at the beach, because they don't understand why they just can't walk out into the water. Owen managed to get himself soaked and then had another little fit when I wouldn't let him eat the sand (he loves the texture of grinding it in his teeth-yuck!). Jake was successful at keeping the kite up in the air for at least a half hour and Will just had fun burying himself in the sand. It was a really fun afternoon and we finished it off with a trip where Mom got to visit her Nanna & Pop's old house up near Hastings. The kids were all snoring by then. Those naps explain why it's nearly nine o'clock and no one is asleep yet!! I hope everyone else enjoyed their Easter weekend.

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Emily Pollard said...

Hello it's Emily. Thanks for mentionning me. It made me cry when I read it. And I don't normally cry for those kind of things!

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